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Motorola MC9090 Scanner and WiSys

By April 12, 2012January 12th, 2017No Comments

As part of WiSys’ commitment to provide quality products and services, we must occasionally make announcements regarding hardware and software compatibility. Please make sure that your internal resources or the firm responsible for your IT infrastructure receives this notice. In this case, we feel it is necessary to bring to your attention an instance in which the Motorola MC9090 will no longer function when operating in a domain / forest functional level of Windows 2008 R2 or higher. It will function until the license server is attached and then cease to function.

What happens is when the license service is activated it applies a 256 bit encryption certificate used to validate the CALs associated with the connection and to secure the RDP connection. Unfortunately the CE 5.0 handheld cannot store a 256 bit encryption certificate as it is simply too large.

What does all of this mean for you?

  • If you upgrade your servers and have everything set to a Windows 2008 functional level or higher at the Domain / Forest level then your existing MC9090 hardware must be replaced with newer MC9190’s running Windows CE 6.0.
  • If you have a lower domain / forest functional level it will likely work without issue. For Example: A Windows 2003 Domain and a 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Server.
  • If you have Motorola MC9190 running Windows CE 6.0, there is no issue.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information contained in this memo OR if you are planning to upgrade your Domain to a 2008 functional level, the Motorola MC9090 will become inoperable. Please contact our support department with any questions you may have at (770) 955-3530 x3.