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WiSys Agility Form Studio for SAP Business One

Agility Form Studio is a visual design tool for modifying existing or creating new forms for WiSys WMS on the mobile data collection device. Out of the box, WiSys deploys standard forms for the mobile data collection device. If these forms do not meet your business processes then Form Studio may be used to modify these forms. Additionally, if an out of the box form does not exist for a specific process then Form Studio is the tool for creating new forms.

A good example of an existing form that typically gets modified is the Goods Receipt PO form. As an example, if you have specific pieces of information you need to collect when you receive a purchase order then you can add these extra fields to the form. With these new fields you can add validation and lookups and then transact data in SAP Business One or update a custom table with this collected information.

When creating a new form you literally start with a clean slate. So, you can add as many fields for data collection as you wish. You can also add up to six buttons and link them to any of the SAP Business One transactions and visually link data from the fields on the form to the properties of the SAP Business One transaction.

Call the SAP Business One SDK Without Writing Code

Button clicks and field validation can execute SAP Business One SDK Transactions with simple clicks of the mouse. Simply map fields on the form or variables to the properties of the business transaction.

How to Create a Composite Transaction using Form Studio