WiSys products are designed on an adaptable framework called Agility, which is designed for consultants and customers alike. Every company has unique processes and the level of ROI obtained from implementing a system depends on how the system adapts to the user rather than how the user is required to adapt to the system.

Typical Supply Chain Management systems for SAP Business One rely on configuration switches to change the behavior of certain functions. This is limited to changing one very specific function on a global scale and acting only one way or another. Often times these limitations mean that source code modifications are needed to create ROI.

WiSys understands that every business process is unique so our solutions enable SAP Business One users to build company-specific workflows without modifying a single line of source code. This is all done within WiSys Agility Adaptable Framework tools, which can be used by SAP Business One customers and resellers as well as WiSys consultants.

Agility Design Features:

  • Hand Held Device Form Design
  • Desktop Menus & Screen Design
  • Chain Multiple B1 Transactions Together
  • Crystal Report Integration
  • Label Integration
  • Utilize User Defined Fields & Tables
  • Access all native B1 Fields & Tables
  • Desktop Dashboards
  • Custom Analytics
  • Screen Grid Views

Agility Adaptable Framework Tools

Agility Design Studio

Agility Design Studio is both a Business Intelligence (BI) presentation platform for analysis as well as a toolset to create robust SAP Business One transaction components to handle complex events and workflows. Unlike most Business Intelligence tools, Agility allows data to be organized and then executed. For example, an analysis of material requirements can be linked to a transaction. Purchase Orders can then be created with material grouped on the same PO by vendor.

The Agility Design Studio is designed to address a very broad development community in both skill sets and collaboration. Views can be designed using a drag and drop tool to allow early users the ability to become engaged as a beginner and expand to any level up to an expert level incorporating more advanced tool set components. The Agility Design Studio is also designed to create collaboration across the entire SAP Business One industry.

Design Studio comes with a multitude of projects with pre-defined views and SAP Business One transaction options. These views can be copied and used as a base template with all the original logic exposed. Once a Design Studio component is added, the user is guided through various options available to each of these components. A drag and drop SQL tool allows even novice users to create simple SQL queries.

Design Studio also allows the creation and management of SAP Business One menus so that user security can also be managed. Each group is then only presented with the components that affects their individual needs with a user interface that is easy to use. The tool set by nature guides the developer in creating a consistent interface to minimize training on each new view.

Unlike other Business Intelligence tools, no pre-processing is required. Once a new view component is built as part of a project it is simply dragged over to a menu and then the Administrator provides selected users access and visibility to that component. It is then immediately available to be used to view live data.

Agility Form Studio

Agility Form Studio is a visual design tool for modifying existing or creating new forms for WiSys WMS on the mobile data collection device. Out of the box, WiSys deploys standard forms for the mobile device. If these forms do not meet your business processes then Form Studio may be used to modify the forms. If an out of the box form does not exist for a specific process, then Form Studio can be used to create new forms.

A good example of an existing form that typically gets modified is the Goods Receipt PO form. If you have specific pieces of information you need to collect when you receive a purchase order then you can add these extra fields to the form. With these new fields, you can add validation and lookups and then transact data in SAP Business One or update a custom table with this collected information.

Form Studio allows users to call the SAP Business One SDK without writing a single line of code. Button clicks and field validation can execute SAP Business One SDK transactions with simple clicks of the mouse. Simply map fields on the form or variables to the properties of the business transaction.


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Ready to learn more about Agility Design?
Ready to learn more about Agility Design?

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