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Flexible and Scalable Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Macola and SAP Business One

WiSys Supply Chain Management solutions integrate seamlessly with Macola and SAP Business One ERP Systems. WiSys allows users to record all business transactions in real-time, starting at the first touch point in the organization. WiSys adaptable tools are purpose-built to automate unique business processes and allow agile business decisions based on real-time data through:



WiSys real-time Supply Chain solutions provide a tangible Return on Investment.

The benefits of real-time recording of data include lower costs, fewer data entry errors, improved customer service, reduced inventory, better compliance, and the ability to expand without additional personnel.



Real-Time material management at the first touch point in your organization.


Shipping is where the supply chain creates the most demand on your business and requires you to be flexible.


WiSys Pallet Management provides a very robust solution for building, shipping and recording the movement of pallets.


Real-Time manufacturing reporting for Production Order Processing & Shop Floor Control.


Adaptable tools for creating unique processes and workflows without modifying a single line of source code.



The SDK is a library of .Net business objects, which are groups of software components that carry out business transactions in Macola.



pallet management for sap business one

How to Move Pallets From Bin to Bin using WiSys WMS for Macola

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Environmental, Health, And Safety Regulatory Compliance

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WiSys Agility Solutions for SAP Business One

WiSys Agility for SAP Business One Product Roadmap 2019 – October Update

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Agility Web Explorer – Taking the Slack Out of Your Information Supply Chain

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Go beyond the walls of your Warehouse. WiSys Agility Web Explorer (AWE) delivers Macola / Synergy information out-of-the-box and ready to go. You can deliver browser reporting information in minutes…


See how the WiSys Agility applications improve business processes throughout your supply chain to create a real-time warehouse environment – from planning and receiving an order to filling and shipping that order.


Ready to learn how to use our tools? Visits our video training library where we share everything from introductions to technical drill-downs to make sure you are using all the WiSys tools effectively.



I use Agility every day. It saves me a lot of time and reduces data entry errors because I am able to take a customer order and automatically create a PO. When a shipment arrives at our warehouse, we use WiSys to instantly add items to our inventory so products can ship out to customers the very next day.

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WiSys has paid for itself and then some! We can easily see where things are at all times to better communicate with customers and improve shipping rates to 99% on-time delivery.

Auburn ManufacturingJoy Campbell

When we needed special kit options for confirm shipping and a back order grid the folks at WiSys were there to help us and assist us along the way. We look forward to future business opportunities with WiSys.

Harris CommunicationsStaci Houser

We have achieved a 99.9% inventory accuracy, which lead to quicker customer order turn around, increased customer satisfaction and overall efficiency gains company wide. I would recommend this product to any Macola user.

Chemaid LaboratoriesEd Nelson

I truly appreciate WiSys Agility and how it is providing us the ability to extract data and turn it into information to build our business. One of the biggest things I’ve seen as a customer is the way Agility makes Macola better.

FreshPetColumbus Adamson

At Hinkley, we use an Agility Analytics dashboard to automatically update and display performance reports on a screen in our warehouse.

Hinkley Lighting

About WiSys

The WiSys team is led by Bruce Hollinger, co-founder of WiSys and former CEO of Macola. Together, the team has decades of experience helping thousands of businesses leverage their investment in their ERP software.

From development of new tools through implementation, WiSys has assembled the finest team of people to collaborate with you to design, build, train and support your sophisticated needs.

Together we can help you become real-time with Macola and SAP Business One so you can reach your full potential in the business world.