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Shipping can be one of the most unique and demanding processes in your operation. This is where your customers and the supply chain create the most demand on your business and require you to be flexible to meet those demands while maintaining the highest standards of customer service. WiSys Agility Fulfillment, our SAP Business One shipping logistics solution, is designed to allow you to tailor a solution to meet your most sophisticated shipping processes.

Agility Fulfillment provides you with standard processes for packing and shipping cartons and pallet packaging. To shorten your production to shipping time, Agility Pallets can be used out of the box or tailored to give you the ability to report the production of Finished Goods in Production directly to a pallet. If you are shipping full pallets, then these pallets can be loaded directly onto a shipment using a mobile device or on a workstation.

Agility Fulfillment will print any type of documentation required by your drivers, including a Bill of Lading (BOL) or a Packing List. These documents are defined using standard Crystal Reports or Agility Label Designer and are highly modifiable. All documents can be specified by the customer so the users in the warehouse do not have to worry about which documents to print.

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Sophisticated SAP Business One Packing and Shipping Software

WiSys Fulfillment creates a new data structure for packaging, allowing you to define the type of packaging in use as well as the processes to fill them. You can then tailor your packing processes on a mobile device to pack in the aisle or the shipping dock or on a workstation to pack at a work center.

If you are shipping full pallets, then these pallets can be loaded directly onto a shipment using a mobile device or a workstation. Whether you buy or make finished goods, inventory can be packaged or re-packed and managed throughout the warehouse and shipped to your customers, packaged to their specifications.

Whether you are shipping out small packages or large freight shipments (TL/LTL), WiSys Fulfillment provides the tools you need to pack and ship your orders on time, update SAP Business One in real-time, and keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

agility fulfillment shipping for sap business one

Features Include:

  • Load Pallets
  • Pack Pallets/Cartons
  • Pallet Picking
  • TL-LTL Shipping
  • Pick Pack
  • BOL
  • Packing List
  • UCC-128 Labeling

Pack and Ship

  • Pack on Desktop
  • Pack on Mobile Data Collection Devices
  • Barcode scanners, Tablets, Smartphones
  • Ship

Package Definition

  • Unique Packaging Requirements
  • Pallets, Cartons, Bags, Drums, etc.
  • Unique Packaging Documentation
  • Inner Pack Relationship
  • Carton Size Definition

Parcel Package Integration

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • Domestic / International

Document Printing

  • BOL
  • Packing Lists
  • Invoice
  • Packaging Labels
  • Define Documents by Customer

Data Masons EDI Integration

  • Automated ASN Integration
  • UCC128 Label Printing
  • Parcel Tracking Integration
  • Map User Fields

Integration with WMS Pallet Management

  • Build Mixed Pallets to Shipment
  • Load Pallets from Production / Receiving

Warehouse Shipping Software for SAP Business One

Alternatively, WiSys offers a simple warehouse shipping process for SAP Business One. It consists of three simplified data entry forms that operate on a mobile device to efficiently process and create Sales Order Delivery Notes. All three forms update SAP Business One in real-time, giving you up-to-date shipping information.

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sales order picking sap business one
Directed-Sales-Order-Picking-SAP Business One


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Ready to learn more about Agility Fulfillment?

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