Chemical Manufacturing Software

Supply Chain Management Solutions for Chemical Manufacturers

ChemManufWiSys Supply Chain and Warehouse Management solutions help Chemical Manufacturers solve unique business challenges. Solutions are purpose-built to meet and exceed government compliance regulations, safety and quality standards.

Traceability and Compliance

The ability to manage and track chemical inventories is becoming increasingly important to manufacturers. Products and substances need to be tracked through the entire supply chain, from suppliers to stores and down to customers. WiSys solutions utilize barcode labeling and mobile scanners for real-time lot tracking and reporting, making traceability possible.

Inventory Accuracy

When dealing with planning and manufacturing, inventory accuracy is necessary to ensure all required raw materials are available to meet production dates with customers. WiSys brings real-time inventory tracking to chemical manufacturers, ensuring that inventory counts are accurate and trustworthy.


  • Better quality assurance
  • Ability to meet regulatory and compliance standards
  • Better inventory control with fewer errors
  • Ability to track inventory down to minute levels with lot tracking
  • Purpose-built, customized solutions to fit unique business processes
  • Meet compliance and Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) requirements with EDI Integration
  • Integrates seamlessly with Macola and SAP Business One ERP
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See how WiSys creates a real-time warehouse environment for Macola users. From planning and receiving an order in the warehouse to filling and shipping that order.

Learn how WiSys improves business processes and creates a real-time warehouse and reporting environment for SAP Business One customers.

Solutions for Chemical Manufacturers

warehouseManagementWarehouse Management System (WMS)
The primary focus of WMS is to control the movement, storage and accounting of materials and finished goods through the warehouse.

shippingLogisticsShipping Logistics
From simple to complex, WiSys Shipping Logistics allow users to tailor a solution that meets their unique shipping processes.

palletManagmentPallet Management
A very robust solution for building, shipping and recording the movement of pallets.

orderManagementOrder Management
With WiSys Order Management, every component of the order fulfillment process can be customized and automated.

manufacturingExecutionManufacturing Execution
Flexible applications allow real-time reporting of material and production status, resulting in better management of the production process.

agilityExplorerBusiness Intelligence
Agility Explorer is both an analytical tool to help monitor data and a transactional tool that can act on that data, turning your data into useful information and knowledge.

FrameworkAgility Form Studio
A visual design tool for creating and modifying custom forms for your mobile data collection device.

Framework2Agility Design Studio
A robust toolset to create customized Business Intelligence dashboards for analysis and transaction components for execution.

Featured Customers

Camco Chemicals

Camco Chemicals is a contract chemical manufacturer and contract packaging contractor. They blend a variety of chemical products for their customers in the consumer, industrial, agricultural, transportation, water treatment and food industries.

In this video series, Camco Chemicals explains how they use the WiSys Warehouse Management System to achieve inventory and production success.

Chemaid Laboratories

Located in Saddle Brook, NJ, Chemaid Laboratories is a premier formulator, providing contract manufacturing services to the beauty industry.

Chemaid uses WiSys WMS, Agility Explorer, Design Studio, Form Studio and Pallet Management. Learn more about the internally developed tools Chemaid built using WiSys to fit their unique business processes.