WiSys has designed our Maintenance plan to provide software updates and technical assistance to those customers who are current with their annual maintenance plan and who have resources trained during implementation.

View the WiSys Maintenance and Support Plan Details

Unlimited Incident reports

Your trained central point of contact can submit an unlimited number of incident reports during normal support hours via one of the following methods:

  • Sending an e-mail to support@wisys.com. E-mail is the preferred method of contact as multiple WiSys resources monitor this e-mail account.
  • Submitting a form with your issue on our website: Contact Support (wisys.com)
  • Calling our help desk at (770) 955-3530 x3

Unlimited Access to Support Documentation

Access to the WiSys documentation and video training is available under the support section of our website 24 hours a day. You will find this information on many of our products to help you maximize your investment in our tools. Please visit the below links to access this support:

WiSys for Macola ERP

WiSys for SAP Business One ERP

Remote Access May Be Required

Particularly when anomalous issues arise, WiSys technicians may require remote access to your PC or Server, with Administrator level rights. We will do this using a WiSys-provided system at no cost to you (other than your regular internet access). When remote access is used, you can watch everything the technician does and disconnect the WiSys technician at any time. If the WiSys technician requires remote access, which is not possible (due to customer company policy or problematic internet access at your site, for example), WiSys may be unable to render assistance.

Developer Assistance

For Macola ERP customers only, WiSys offers an SDK solution for transacting Macola Business Transactions within your own development environment. We offer a guide and sample code on our website here.

If further training beyond our documentation and sample code is required, one of our developers will do so under a pre-approved consulting service agreement at our current billing rate.