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Ram Products is a repair and maintenance distribution company in Richland Hills, Texas. They buy bulk products and package them into smaller quantities and sell that to the end user. Their goal is to provide the maximum value and savings possible to customers through better organization, management and delivery of products.

Business Challenges

Ram Products biggest business challenge prior to WiSys was efficiency and speed. They were using a system that wasn’t working for them and it was slowing their team down. They found themselves using paper to pick items because that was faster than the system they were using.

Finding a SAP Business One WMS Solution

Ram Products wanted to find a WMS that helped them move at the maximum speed their processes would allow. “We knew we needed a warehouse management system. We wanted to find something that would help keep our processes efficient and keep us moving forward,” explains James Shotts, VP of Operations at Ram Products.

James also knew that they needed a warehouse management system that they could modify. “We are unique enough in our business that we had to have a WMS that was configurable, something that we could modify in certain areas to do things the way that we needed to do them.”

WiSys and Ram Products

The biggest benefit of working with WiSys for their WMS solutions for SAP Business One has been the partnership. “The fact that WiSys is a business partner, not just a software developer, has been the biggest impact. They have really helped us think through our processes and make those efficient for us,” says James.

SAP Business One WMS Success Story: Ram Products

Ready to learn more about how WiSys WMS solutions for SAP Business One helped Ram Products increase their efficiencies? Watch the whole success story in the video below. Contact us to learn more about how WiSys can help your business!