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We are excited to share the experiences of Bruce Hollinger for this customer story. As many of you know, Bruce was the founder of Macola Software and Co-Founder of WiSys Software. He purchased Boca Manufacturing in 2020 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. In this customer story, Bruce Hollinger offers insights into the pivotal role that WiSys and Macola play within his manufacturing business.

Boca Manufacturing is a company with over 20 employees operating out of a 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility. They generate over $5 million in revenue annually. Their primary focus is on manufacturing bathtubs, with a current production rate of 60-80 bathtubs per month.

Boca utilizes a suite of software tools to streamline their operations. This includes Macola Software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), Synergy for collaboration and project management, Agility Web and Desktop for versatile workflow management, Agility 360 Scanners for inventory tracking and management, POP+ for procurement optimization, and Event Manager for automated event handling.

Watch the full customer story below to hear from Bruce Hollinger on how these software solutions play integral roles in optimizing processes at Boca Manufacturing.