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Directed Sales Order Staging is an out-of-the-box application that comes with Agility for Macola. This tool allows you to move material from the warehouse to the staging area where you can then build a shipment.

In this video, we show you how to use the directed order staging application in WiSys Agility. In this example, the items are binned and lotted. You can also just have binned items. We start by reviewing the sales order in Macola that we are going to work on. Then we take a detailed look at where the material is in the warehouse so you can see how we’re going to be directed. Some of the items are going to be binned and palletized. Other items are not palletized, they are in a pick bin for picking.

The first thing we do is release the order for picking. We then use the handheld barcode scanner to be directed and stage material. Then we will use Pick Pack for building the shipment. We will ship it out, bill it, and invoice it all right within the Agility application.

See how Directed Sales Order Staging for Macola works in the video below.