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The WiSys Agility handheld inventory counting functions use the standard SAP Business One Inventory Counting functions. This works for both bin tracked warehouses and non bin tracked warehouses. Simply generate the inventory counting documents using SAP Business One. Then print the documents with key information barcoded.

For bin tracked warehouses, on the handheld screen, select Inventory Count by Bin and start scanning. If you scan an item that is not on the count sheet for that bin, you can simply add it. Select Clear to move on to another bin. As you scan a bin, item and quantity, SAP Business One is immediately updated. When ready, post the inventory counting sheet.

For non-bin tracked warehouses, use inventory count by item. Start scanning items and quantities. Then post when ready.

Watch the video below to see the WiSys Agility Inventory Counting tools in action! 

Warehouse Management Solutions for SAP Business One

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