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shipping logisticsDoes your business have several warehouse locations that need to ship on the same order? This can become a problem if location B has to wait for location A to complete their part of the shipment in order to begin processing their part of the order.

Here is a scenario that might sound familiar.

  • A single order goes into the system with line items that are shipping from two different locations
  • Location A prints the picking ticket and confirm ships the order – order status just changed to 7
  • Location B may or may not have printed their picking ticket, but now they cannot confirm ship because the order status has already moved to status of 7 when location A completed the transaction
  • To process, the order must be selected for billing and processed by location A before location B can confirm ship
  • Billing typically happens at the end of the day which is a problem for the process to be workable

The Solution – Agility Shipping with Pick/Pack.

To remedy the situation we use WiSys Agility Shipping with Pick/Pack.

  • One sales order with two lines from two different warehouses
  • Print pick tickets or set order status to #4 as picked
  • Both locations pick and ship as they need
  • Both locations confirm ship and print packing list and BOL
  • Consolidated billing and invoicing at the end of the day when all locations are finished

In the video below, we demonstrate how WiSys can be used to process this order efficiently.