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SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that helps small to medium-sized businesses optimize efficiency and productivity at their facilities. Its advanced features and functionality give facilities managers more control over their warehouse data and purchase orders while letting them track and record inventory movements in real-time.

SAP Business One keeps business owners up-to-date with every change by consistently updating costs and quantities as they alter and shift. The software eliminates manual inspection requirements and reduced accounting errors through automated solutions.

A robust application for warehouse and inventory management, SAP Business One gives you complete control over your supply chain and ensures high customer satisfaction with reliable live-time information about inbound and outbound shipments and your current stocking levels.

Business owners choose SAP Business One as their enterprise resource solution because they can keep better track of their inventory at each worksite, including highly accurate quantities, present stocking status, and shipment history. An advanced warehouse management system, SAP Business One supplies business owners with instantaneous updates under a single, fully integrated platform.

The ability to access valuable data and inventory updates on demand without the help of an IT specialist means companies can consistently exceed the expectations of their customers.

Businesses are able to manage several billing methods by linking their warehouse management system to their order processing operations and using SAP Business One’s various production functions. The software’s in-application material requirements planning feature enhances your ability to monitor and maintain adequate inventory levels for complex manufacturing processes.

SAP Business One includes robust reporting functions to ensure accurate inventory tracking and recording. These in-depth reports on cycle counts, inventory values, goods transactions, production planning, and materials requirements supply warehouse managers with the complete data necessary to improve decision-making.

SAP Business One’s accurate inventory management system is critical for any company that values consistent delivery of their services while maintaining high levels of satisfaction and overhead control.

Successful operations demand an accurate inventory management system, and the integrated production tools discoverable in the SAP Business One application consistently deliver the most detailed warehouse data, accurate stock locations, movements, and reliable production order planning based on your available materials.

Let’s take a look at why businesses choose SAP Business One for their warehouse management solutions in more detail below:

The key features of the SAP Business One warehouse management system

Businesses that implement SAP Business One ERP solutions gain the following benefits:

  • Improved goods receipt and issues control – Track inventory transfers, record receipts, and issues easily with SAP Business One. Companies also enjoy more accurate inventory and cycle counts in addition to several practical consignments and dropshipping management features.
  • Production and material requirements planning (MRP) – SAP Business One lets you issue and release production orders, and keep multiple bills of materials (BOMs) while maintaining set prices for your global customer base.
  • Better warehouse and inventory management – Companies can maintain all their master data and product costs in multiple pricing units with SAP Business One.
  • Accurate, real-time reporting capabilities – SAP Business One ensures accurate reports with the most up-to-date data, continually refreshed and accessible in various formats.

SAP Business One improves multichannel warehouse traceability

If you operate out of more than one warehouse, SAP Business One ERP solutions are ideal. The software allows you to manage your multiple sites under one centralized, multi-purpose platform. The application lets you closely track stock levels and perform on-the-spot inventory checks with its real-time traceability, so you always know the amount of stock you have available.

With SAP Business One, you can also maintain detailed lists and descriptions of your purchase orders through its unique data management features. The application has the capacity to track multiple unit types, meaning you can acquire and distribute in diverse units (cases versus individual bottles, for example) while maintaining an accurate inventory count of all the available units you have in stock.

The software can create an unlimited number of price lists in multiple world currencies to which you can pre-assign set exchange values for specific vendors and customers while automatically applying them to each transaction. These automated pricing tools enhance your ability to manage customer accounts, cash sales, and bulk discounts more efficiently.

SAP Business One helps you manage stock movement better

The advanced inventory management system ensures improved tracking of your warehouse receipts and issues as it follows your stock transfers from one facility to another. In-app, integrated price lists update your inventory values automatically for a seamless user experience.

SAP Business One’s supply manager function generates pick lists that allow you to remove the listed items from your available inventory. Dropshipped orders benefit from this feature considerably because it lends itself to smooth and expedient processing for the customers you’ve added to the dedicated list.

Taking inventory is made easy with integrated lists you can create and print with SAP Business One’s inventory management software. Access to this unique stock-keeping function means you can record quantities, conduct inventory tracking, and calculate post-stock differences by item, group, or vendor.

Improved bills of material and production order management

As a comprehensive warehouse management system, SAP Business One enables business owners to manage their bills of materials, materials requirements, and production orders more effectively. The simplified scope and management of your bills of materials saves time and increases efficiency at your worksite.

SAP Business One software assesses the cost of each product and the items you have on hand to automatically generate new work orders. This ensures your allocation of raw materials to your manufactured products and warehouse volume control remain accurate at all times.

SAP Business One applications handle:

  • Inventory data
  • Bills of Materials
  • Scheduled production input and purchase orders
  • Demand inputs from forecast orders

WiSys for your SAP Business One ERP solutions

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