Discrete Manufacturing Software

Supply Chain Management Solutions for Discrete Manufacturers

DiscreteManufacturingTo meet today’s business challenges, companies need to focus on improving operations, from receiving through production to product delivery. Technology enables companies to update their systems, automate processes, track products and start working with real-time information.

WiSys Supply Chain and Warehouse Management solutions bring real-time, agile solutions to discrete manufacturers. Product safety and consumer confidence are critical to maintain a competitive edge. Supply chain management technology makes this possible.

Compliance and Traceability

Traceability is the ability to track the history, usage and location of a product and its components backward and forward by means of recorded identifications. For discrete manufacturers, this means you can track each component that comprises your product throughout the supply chain, from suppliers and manufacturers through assembly and final delivery to customers.

WiSys solutions provide operational efficiency in the warehouse and better collection and use of data. Barcodes and mobile scanners are used for real-time lot tracking and reporting, making traceability possible.


  • Ability to track products throughout the supply chain
  • Meet product safety and compliance regulations
  • Better business decisions through real-time data and reporting
  • Solutions are purpose-built and customized to fit unique business processes
  • EDI Integration allows shippers to meet compliance and Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) requirements
  • Integrates seamlessly with Macola and SAP Business One ERP

See how WiSys creates a real-time warehouse environment for Macola users. From planning and receiving an order in the warehouse to filling and shipping that order.

Learn how WiSys improves business processes and creates a real-time warehouse and reporting environment for SAP Business One customers.

Solutions for Discrete Manufacturers

warehouseManagementWarehouse Management System (WMS)
The primary focus of WMS is to control the movement, storage and accounting of materials and finished goods through the warehouse.

shippingLogisticsShipping Logistics
From simple to complex, WiSys Shipping Logistics allow users to tailor a solution that meets their unique shipping processes.

palletManagmentPallet Management
A very robust solution for building, shipping and recording the movement of pallets.

orderManagementOrder Management
With WiSys Order Management, every component of the order fulfillment process can be customized and automated.

manufacturingExecutionManufacturing Execution
Flexible applications allow real-time reporting of material and production status, resulting in better management of the production process.

agilityExplorerBusiness Intelligence
Agility Explorer is both an analytical tool to help monitor data and a transactional tool that can act on that data, turning your data into useful information and knowledge.

FrameworkAgility Form Studio
A visual design tool for creating and modifying custom forms for your mobile data collection device.

Agility Design Studio
A robust toolset to create customized Business Intelligence dashboards for analysis and transaction components for execution.

Featured Customer

Auburn Manufacturing

Based out of South Central Maine, Auburn Manufacturing is an industry leader in the manufacture of high performance coated textiles and composite fabrics for extreme temperature applications.

In this video, Auburn’s IT Manager talks about their business challenges prior to implementing WiSys and how an integrated Warehouse Management System has changed manufacturing operations for the better.