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The Preferred Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Macola®.

The supply chain is a complex environment that creates a different set of demands for every supplier within it. Every supplier has unique business processes that are designed to deal with these demands. WiSys provides Macola (Progression, ES and 10) users with Supply Chain Management solutions that fit these unique business processes.

WiSys Supply Chain and Warehouse Management solutions integrate seamlessly with Macola Progression, ES and Macola 10. By using WiSys and Macola together, customers don’t have to worry about updating inventory in two different places. It is one complete system that is absolutely seamless.

WiSys solutions are purpose-built to automate unique business processes and allow agile business decisions based on real-time data through:


Our purpose-built solutions give you the flexibility to customize without writing a single line of code allowing you to mold the technology to fit your processes so you don’t have to fit ours.


A highly scalable Warehouse Management solution that grows with your business. You can start with one single device and evolve to a complex, multi-device environment, including complex shipping logistics and Pallet Management, all on the same platform.


WiSys helps companies get real-time Macola information by pushing transactions out onto the floor where they really happen. By doing this, you can eliminate a lot of the day-to-day work that had to be done after the fact and keep information updated in real-time.

WiSys real-time Supply Chain solutions for Macola provide a tangible Return on Investment.

WiSys helps companies get real-time information out of their Macola ERP system and perform transactions in real-time. In the past, desktop business software required keeping paper records and then manually entering that information back into the system at a later time. With the advent of handheld computers, tablets and WiFi, we have been able to push those transactions out onto the floor where they really happen. By doing this, we can eliminate a lot of the day-to-day work that had to be done after the fact and keep information updated in real-time.

Now inventory information and movement is captured at the first touch point in the organization. The first touch point is important because it ensures inventory data is captured when you grab it for the first time. This saves the time of writing things down and keying them into the system later.

The benefits of real-time recording of data include lower costs, fewer data entry errors, improved customer service, reduced inventory, better compliance, and the ability to expand without additional personnel.

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The primary focus of WMS is to control the movement, storage and accounting of materials and finished goods through the warehouse.

shipping logistics


From simple to complex, WiSys Shipping Logistics allow users to tailor a solution that meets their unique shipping processes.

pallet management


WiSys Pallet Management provides a very robust solution for building, shipping and recording the movement of pallets.



Flexible applications allow real-time reporting of material and production status, resulting in better management of the production process.


Adaptable tools for building unique processes and workflows without modifying a single line of code.


The SDK is a library of .Net business objects, which are groups of software components that carry out business transactions in Macola.

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