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A properly run and operated warehouse distribution center is essential to the success of any company. Those who have a full-featured system that’s working properly will find that it can often improve efficiency and output while helping to increase revenue. Of course, those who are working with older warehouse management systems, or who do not have a system in place yet will find problems. It will be far more difficult to run the warehouse effectively, which can mean a loss in profits.

5 Signs You Are Ready for a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse managers and operators should look into the systems they are currently using to get an idea of whether a WMS might be a better solution for them. If you are curious as to whether you should opt for a warehouse management system, the following are some of the signs you’ll want to look for in your warehouse.

Sign #1: Warehouse is disorganized

If you have a disorganized warehouse, you aren’t alone. Disorganization in the warehouse is one of the downfalls of many companies. When the warehouse isn’t properly organized, it’s possible for products to be misplaced, lost, damaged, etc. It could also put your employees’ safety at risk. Proper organization with the help of a warehouse management system will help to ensure that all of the products are where they belong.

This improves your productivity by making it easier for your workers to find what’s needed for each shipment. When your employees have a hard time finding what they need to fulfill orders, it will be hard to keep up with the shipping process. A WMS helps to streamline the procedure from start to finish.

Sign #2: Running out of space in your warehouse

When your warehouse is running out of space, the first thing that comes to mind for most businesses is to start looking for larger warehouse space. While this could be necessary in some cases, it may not always be the best solution. However, moving to a larger space takes time and money, two things businesses don’t want to spend if they can help it.

Often, a WMS can help to improve your workflow, better organize your area, and allow you to do more with the space you have. Along with better organization, as mentioned above, and shipping logistics, order management, and management of physical goods in the warehouse, it’s possible to get your space issues under control.

Sign #3: Inventory and stock numbers are not accurate

Have you noticed problems with the accuracy of your inventory numbers? Sometimes, the shipped and received numbers don’t match, which could be indicative of an error during the picking and shipping process. Having a WMS can help to ensure that your numbers are correct.

Additionally, if you’re finding that you often have items out of stock, it could be because you aren’t tracking what you have available. You won’t know what else needs to be manufactured or bought to keep your stock at the proper levels to meet your customer demand. Again, a warehouse management system will help make this problem vanish.

Sign #4: Errors in orders

Your goal should be to ensure that all of your orders are fulfilled on time and without any errors. While it’s always possible for a mistake to be made here and there, if you notice that you have an increasing number of errors, it could be because you aren’t using a WMS. Take note of customer complaints regarding incorrect orders, missing items, damaged products, and similar issues. A good WMS can help to cut down on these problems significantly.

Sign #5: Unhappy employees and high turnover

If your workers are in a warehouse that’s not properly run and organized, they may not want to continue working for your company. Problems in the warehouse, such as those mentioned above will reduce the productivity of your employees.

Disorganized warehouses often make workers feel as though they can’t find the things needed to fulfill orders. When the picking and shipping process is not smooth and seamless, it can increase their levels of stress, causing many of them to be unhappy. In some cases, the employees will decide to leave your company, which will increase your turnover rates. Ultimately, this will cost you even more to replace and train the new employees.

Any business that wants to thrive and grow needs to have the right tools and the right processes implemented at each step. This includes the warehouse. Take the time to find a high-quality warehouse management system that can get your company back on the right track.

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