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Preparing for a Warehouse Management System implementation can sometimes feel like traveling uphill. There are obstacles along the way, but once you get to the summit and are up and running, all the planning and effort is worth it.

Are you planning to implement new software in the future? Below are three tips to consider before you get started.

Listen to your team

It is crucial to involve all people in your software implementation process and not underestimate your people’s abilities. Even the skeptics (and you know they are out there) can turn into your biggest assets. Set clear expectations and keep everyone informed of progress throughout the entire process. Keep your lines of communication open so that everyone feels comfortable providing feedback. And then listen to that feedback!

Wireless Site Survey WMS Implementation

Complete a wireless site survey

A Warehouse Management System implementation should start with a thorough wireless site survey. A site survey maps your entire warehouse to show levels of plant noise and wireless signals and suggests where data access points should be located for the best coverage. This is something a consultant should perform for you.

Choose a warehouse management consultant

Working with a warehouse management consultant will help you get things right the first time. A consultant can help you build a reliable network, choose the right devices and build a device management system that lets you rapidly deploy, stage and remote assist users anywhere on your network.

Warehouse Management Solutions for Macola and SAP Business One

Ready to get started with a Warehouse Management System? WiSys Agility solutions have been designed to achieve efficient Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, and Business Intelligence. Contact us to learn more.