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Auto Pack - WMS for MacolaAuto Pack is a process in the WiSys Advanced Packing and Shipping solution. It offers a streamlined way of preparing orders and printing labels for high volume, Big Box shippers.

Auto packing allows you to view any status on orders and group those orders together in what is called a batch. You can group orders by customers, distribution centers, etc.

Say, for example, Walmart has 40 distribution centers and they all order from a pool of 10 items. Instead of sending one purchase order per distribution center and processing 40 orders individually, Auto Pack would allow Walmart to process all 40 orders at once. So, if 10 pieces of item 1 are ordered by all 40 distribution centers, Auto Pack will tell them to pick 400 pieces at once s0 they can print labels and label them all at the same time. This allows them to break the items down into the proper quantity per distribution center and ship them out in individual shipments.

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