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We are excited to share some of the new technology that we are working with at WiSys and how our partners are being supportive of our customers’ needs. We recently sat down with Gerry and Wes from Levata to discuss the ways we work together to help customers optimize their use of new warehouse management technology. You can watch our conversation in the video below.

Helping Customers Optimize New WMS Technology

Agility Mobile & Agility 360

WiSys customers have access to both Agility Mobile and Agility 360 for their mobile warehouse management needs. Agility Mobile is what most of our customers have been using over the years. Agility 360 is our newest product and has been available for about two years. If you are a customer of ours, you can choose to use either application.

One of the reasons we created Agility 360 was to take advantage of the camera, geolocation, and signature capture. Those are some pretty cool things that the application can do.

Our customers can also tailor Agility 360 to program the application to take a picture at just the right time. Some customers are taking a pictures as they load a shipment to get a picture of each pallet that is going on a truck. This provides valid information regarding what the shipment looked like when it left the warehouse to fight chargebacks and things like that.

Both Agility Mobile and Agility 360 are very robust and fast. Some customers have two devices while other customers have over 200. So the applications and technology are very scalable.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) & SOTI

In the video above, we talk about how we use remote control powered by SOTI. This is controlled by the people over at Levata. We asked Gerry and Wes how they see SOTI being rolled out with Macola customers and how it is helping them.


I would say more than 90% of the WiSys end users that we work with are leveraging the SOTI mobile device management software and it really makes the end user’s life a lot easier. It starts at the beginning. We take control of the device and are able to load and provision the device with the wireless settings for the customer, the WiSys application, and any security encryption. Then we lock down the device with a kiosk so that the device automatically boots to a WiSys Agility login and it ensures that the device can’t be used for things other than the inventory, shipping, or receiving transactions that are necessary within Agility.

So it really is a great tool for not only provisioning the device and locking it down but then being able to remotely control the device if there are training issues or Technical Support issues or things like that. The Levata tech team can take control of the device and tunnel in and be able to do whatever needs to be done from a Technical Support standpoint.


Our support team will be able to leverage SOTI so that whether we are updating or fixing an issue, there are scripts we can run. It is a really quick automated way to resolve the issues that are all done through SOTI and it is really nice to be able to remote in and actually see the issue. In some cases, the customer might not know how to describe the issue or may not really know what the issue is. So having that insight into the device is a big help.

Remote Tech Support

RDP and SOTI are especially helpful when product updates are rolled out.


Remote tech support is really handy. For end users that only have a few devices, we can make the process really seamless. For customers that have multiple facilities and hundreds of devices, we can roll out those new updates to any number of devices in a matter of seconds. This is especially helpful for customers that don’t have a huge IT department or the bandwidth to manage all those devices. We can take care of all those services very seamlessly.


Instead of involving a 3rd part IT department, we are familiar with the software and know the best practices for getting applications running efficiently.


We are actually fortunate enough that we have probably five or six people on staff at Levata that have worked with the WiSys team for over 15 years. So we’ve done a lot together and continue to be a part of customers’ support teams. We are very fortunate in that regard.

Optimize New Warehouse Management Technology

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