How a Warehouse Management System With Bins and Lots Makes Traceability Easy

A warehouse management system (WMS) makes it much easier to gain traceability and movement throughout your warehouse.

In the video below, we show you how this works in Macola using bins and lots. We follow the lifecycle of a lot number through the entire supply chain. We begin with receiving lot tracked raw materials, consume those in production to create lot tracked finished goods and then pick and ship the finished good. We then demonstrate the ease of tracing the history of a lot number anywhere along the supply chain.

Value of bins in Macola:

  • Warehouse organization – logic to where you put things
  • Know the actual quantities and location of inventory
  • Validate inventory more quickly
  • Add more directions

Value of lots in Macola:

  • Items can be associated in groups
  • Items can be reviewed by product age FIFO/FIFE
  • Traceability from source to sale
  • Quality systems
  • Respond to audits quickly