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Warehouse management system (WMS) implementation gives advantages to any warehouse in several ways, but for those who work with the international supply chain, WMS software is indispensable. Your global warehouse operations can benefit considerably from a well-designed warehouse management solution because it helps businesses like yours control costs while relieving all the typical headaches associated with the complex international supply chain.

Multinational warehouse owners looking for new technology to increase operational efficiency and cut costs should start with reliable WMS to help distribute their goods throughout the globe. As you begin your research, you’ll find countless warehouse management software products to choose from, but you’ll need one engineered specifically for international distribution centers. These specialized systems help multinational operations decide where to house specific products and establish a more efficient delivery process.

A WMS designed for international warehousing addresses more than a single floor plan or a few different regional sites. These robust international supply chain systems let you manage your inventory across multiple countries while sourcing your goods in various local markets. The WMS provides a roadmap for your global business model and gives you more insight into your inventory, helping you fulfill customer orders faster and reduce costs. In this article, we’ll focus the scope on the wider picture and explore how implementing an international supply chain WMS optimizes your multinational warehousing operations.


An international supply chain WMS and software integration

If you run an international warehousing business, your WMS should integrate the capabilities of your existing ERP and TMS systems. The best approach is to engineer your warehouse management system to include EDIs that streamline data sharing while fostering a simplified user experience. Companies operating overseas need a technology stack that facilitates all your operational requirements, sales functions, and data compliance across multiple countries under a unified interface.

Each new technology connection during the WMS implementation phase helps you gain more visibility into your international supply chain. A focused software integration strategy should enable you to implement various platforms and formats for each region you operate in and provide you with the flexibility to expand even further. For instance, if you maintain a presence in the E.U., your WMS must account for the consumer data protection laws in the region. The software will, likewise, alert you to countries with which you may be barred from trading or do not legally support the importation of your goods.


A WMS improves the document process and billing

A leading WMS solution from WiSys removes the guesswork from supply chain management by providing tools that eliminate needless complexity while boosting your overall operational efficiency. One of the primary areas where warehouse management software helps cut costs is billing management and document processing.

Your WMS supports a complete record of warehouse data at your locations and can tell you valuable information like required storage temperatures and how much stock you have on hand. Transnational supply chain management tools localize your operations, simplifying foreign currency management while delivering services in multiple languages.

The WMS billing management tools let you benefit from the software integration by simplifying the international billing process while making it easier to determine the cost of a given product across several global markets.

WiSys will help you implement an internationally-focused management system that displays billing metrics based upon activity, giving more insight into suppliers, exchanges, and other areas of your operation. The billing features of your 3PL give you more control over how you bill your customers. You’ll also have access to dashboards to assist with cost analysis and price comparisons.


Reconcile fragmented supply chains with a multinational WMS

As the global infrastructure evolves, the supply chain grows more complex. Countries such as China and India have spent billions improving their roads and rail systems through a combination of public and private stakeholders. These recent enhancements to the global infrastructure have prompted a rapid expansion of the logistical supply chain overseas. Without a reliable WMS, keeping informed of the latest industry developments and players is difficult. International warehouse management software provides real-time data to give current information on all your available options abroad.

Implementing a WMS with multinational management capabilities is the key to ensuring that your operations stay competitive in emergent economies like those in the Asia-Pacific region. A warehouse management system designed with an international supply chain at the forefront means you can work with your overseas data vendors and distribution partners. A WMS system is also an effective tool for helping you identify specific warehouses, distribution centers, and 3PLs to help you make sense of an increasingly complex international supply chain.


Scale and modernize your overseas operations with a WMS

For most multinational warehouse owners, it is not a question of whether or not to implement a WMS but when. To remain competitive and drive growth, you must keep your operations up-to-date. An international supply chain management solution from WiSys lets you implement your WMS in phases to take advantage of the latest technology immediately and realize a fast return on investment.

We’ll work closely with your business teams through all phases of implementation to ensure proper integration with your existing technologies like your current ERP and MRP systems to link your warehouse data and refine your operational procedures. For more on how our warehouse management software and information controls can enable real-time visibility and increase efficiency across your global worksites, complete our online inquiry form or call us now at 770-955-3550.