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Running a business should be like operating a well-oiled machine. When one part of production is dysfunctional, the whole system sees a drop in productivity and efficiency. Meeting the needs of your customers can be difficult when the order fulfillment process is lagging behind. Getting the most out of your business begins with SAP Business One and all the ways it can benefit your business.

Here is how to improve the order fulfillment process using SAP Business One.

Common Struggles with Order Fulfillment

Wholesale distributors, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), and even larger corporations can sometimes struggle with supply and demand, as well as managing their inventory. When it comes to how to improve the order fulfillment process, you might find yourself dealing with:

  • Orders left unfilled
  • Damaged products being loaded and shipped
  • Wrong products shipped
  • Extra products shipped but not added to the invoice
  • Substitutions not being properly recorded
  • Unknown item availability
  • Out of stock inventory
  • Inefficient tracking methods lead to errors

How Does SAP Business One Help?

Part of the order fulfillment process stems from having impeccable inventory and warehouse management. Keeping track of orders, customers, payments, inventory, and shipments isn’t something you can do manually. You’re going to need a comprehensive system that can help you manage data and processes all from one place.

That is where SAP Business One is a boon to businesses like yours. With a well-managed warehouse or SMB, you can improve the order fulfillment process and even increase overall customer satisfaction.

Key Features and Benefits of SAP Business One for Order Fulfillment

There are many ways you can use the modules included in SAP Business One to enhance your business. For order fulfillment, the inventory management module will be of most use to you. Here are some of the key features that will benefit your business:

  • Automatically gather inventory data
  • Generate reports and insights
  • Track stock movement and transfers
  • Enable drop-shipping and consignment options
  • Perform cycle counts
  • Track serial numbers for warranties
  • Create and maintain Bills of Materials (BOMs)
  • Manage prices
  • Record receipts
  • Generate packing lists
  • Sales and customer management tools
  • Financial management, analysis, and reporting tools

Now, how do these features increase order fulfillment rates? With SAP Business One, you can:

Process Orders More Quickly

The speed at which you process orders has a lot to do with customer satisfaction. By using SAP Business One, you can manage your inventory more effectively, thereby increasing the rate at which you can ship an order out. SAP Business One is a complete package that generates packing lists and provides employees with the exact location of the item, tracks shipments, provides notifications, and even integrates with your eCommerce site if needed.

Use the Pick and Pack tool to synchronize the teams who are collecting, packaging, handling, and shipping goods.

Manage Inventory at Multiple Locations

Getting a higher order fulfillment rate is hard when there are multiple warehouses not working in concert. With SAP Business One, you can manage the inventory, orders, and supply chain of every warehouse from a single location. Doing so means you can better meet customer expectations. Knowing where something is stored and how soon it can be shipped out, for example, also ensures your inventory counts are more accurate.

Since SAP Business One collects data from every sector of your business, from production to sales and accounting, every employee can see the information they need on demand.

More Accurate Inventory Counting

SAP Business One streamlines a number of processes with automation. The system automatically tracks inventory movement, orders, and everything in between. From the SAP Business One dashboard, you can see the inventories of every location or warehouse. You can also manage data with first-in-first-out (FIFO), serial, or batch methods.

The software also provides Instant checks for item availability and tracks the stock level of high-demand items.

Reduce Time Replenishing Inventory

Are you constantly running into low stock counts? SAP Business One can amend that, as the system can be programmed to perform cycle counts throughout the day. This helps you prevent delays in shipping and gives you access to reports that detail new and existing inventory counts. Once an item goes below the minimum stock level, you will receive a notification from SAP Business One, thereby avoiding out-of-stock situations.

Bottom Line

SAP Business One is the ultimate solution for improving order fulfillment processes and increasing customer satisfaction. Multiple processes within your business can be streamlined, and you can receive valuable insights and forecasts with automatic reporting. By using SAP Business One to your advantage, you can track stock and ship out orders faster than before.

Wisys can show you how to optimize your order fulfillment processes with SAP Business One. Whether you want to troubleshoot your SAP Business One setup or figure out more ways to make your integrated applications work for you, we know a solution. So give us a call today.