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warehouse management business issuesDo you struggle with warehouse management, managing your inventory and filling orders accurately and efficiently?

In a three part video series, we will explore three common business issues that manufacturers and distributors struggle with every day. We will also demonstrate how barcoding and Warehouse Management Software from WiSys helps solve these real business issues.

Business Issue #1
How WiSys Solves Inventory Management Problems for Manufacturers and Distributors

Do you struggle with these questions?

  • What inventory do I have on hand and is it the right stuff?
  • Where are my items located in the warehouse?
  • How can I easily get items received, labeled and put-away where others can find them?

Knowing how much inventory you have on hand and where items are located is crucial to getting orders out the door accurately and efficiently and keeping customers happy. And isn’t that what it is all about?

In the video below we explain how WiSys helps businesses achieve real-time inventory control.

You will see the WiSys Agility Inventory Management solution used to provide:

  • Multi-level item view
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Label Printing
  • Put-away at receiving using bins


Business Issue #2
How WiSys Streamlines Order Fulfillment for Manufacturers and Distributors

In the first business issue, we looked at sales orders. Now we are going to look at inventory in the warehouse and figure out what can we do with that material – which orders can be filled and shipped.

In this scenario, we are still short on material so we’re going to have to make decisions about who is going to get product. We will also be viewing customer specific documents.

To manage this scenario we use the WiSys Agility Order Management solution to provide:

  • Order Pick Management
  • Mobile Warehouse Shipping (simple confirm shipping)
  • Printing of documents (packing list)
  • Order Billing and Invoicing

Watch the video below to see how WiSys is used to make decisions and take the guesswork out of order fulfillment.

Business Issue #3
How WiSys Creates Inventory Counting Accuracy for Manufacturers and Distributors

The third issue we will look at is inventory counting. It is really important to be able to count your inventory at least once each year. When you get really good at inventory counting, your accuracy can be over 99%!

In the video below we explain how WiSys helps businesses achieve over 99% accuracy through perpetual inventory cycle counting.

Cycle counting allows you to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to count inventory
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • See what has been counted
  • Keep the business running during inventory counting

You will see the WiSys Agility Inventory Counting solution used to provide:

  • Mobile inventory counting
  • Variance Reporting

Let us know in the comments below if you have another business issue for WiSys!