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ID-100257780Traceability is the ability to follow the movement of a food product and its constituents backward and forward. It is important for food manufacturers for many reasons, including food safety. Operational efficiency in the warehouse and better collection and use of data leads to better traceability.

Technology should be an aid, not an interruption.

To achieve best-in-class traceability, warehouse technology should track products in real-time and be able to document this movement. The hardware needed to track products this way includes bar code labels, printers and scanners / readers. Software should aid in record keeping and provide data analysis.

The following is a good list to strive for as traceability becomes more important for food manufacturers:

  • Real-time information about location of products and ingredients
  • Ability to associate ingredients with finished product
  • Link quality and complaint information with production and drill down to find trends
  • Demonstrate that you sent what your customer ordered

Is your business able to do all of the above? If you have challenges with manufacturing technology, warehouse efficiency and traceability now, find out why and tackle the root of the problem!


Traceability: The Intersection of ROI and Compliance webinar sponsored by Food Manufacturing