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What is item validation and why it is important? When your customers order items from your company, they naturally expect that the shipment will arrive with the correct items they’ve ordered. This is true whether it is another company ordering a substantial number of items or someone who is just ordering one item.

Of course, shipping can become complex regardless of the size of your business or warehouse. The more products and items you have available, the more difficult it can be for workers in the warehouse to find and pick the correct items. This is especially true when there are items with small differences, such as size or color. Therefore, you need to have protocols and systems in place that will help to reduce the risk of error. One of the most important is item validation.

What is Item Validation?

Item validation is a means to help increase the accuracy of the inventory items that your warehouse staff will handle. Typically, the items will be verified using UPCs, custom barcodes, or the item name/number. It works as a simple and fast method of letting the pickers know that they are choosing the right items to place in the order. Naturally, it is also important for the workers to ensure they are picking the correct amount of each item that is being ordered. Just as it is frustrating for your customers to get the wrong items, they will be upset if they don’t get the right number of items.

Item validation should be a part of every order. It is possible to integrate item validation into your warehouse when you are using quality WMS technology. The software can help to provide other benefits to ensure that you have the correct orders and that you have enough inventory in stock to fulfill those orders.

When integrated, it is possible to use scanners, and in some cases phones, as a means to scan the item’s barcode before picking. The worker can check the system against the product to ensure that they are choosing the correct items.

This means that the risk of shipping out the wrong products and items to customers will be reduced substantially. While there is always the risk of human error, it is lessened when you have a great warehouse management system in place that can check for and eliminate most issues.

Why is Item Validation Important?

Many problems can occur when a warehouse doesn’t use item validation for the orders made by their customers. The first and most important is that the customers will not receive the correct item in some instances. The customers will be upset that they didn’t get what they ordered, and they will seek refunds and may look to another company for their purchases in the future.

When a customer gets the wrong order, they have to ship it back to you in most cases. If you pay for the return shipping, as most companies will, it can become costly in the event of a large number of wrong orders. It also takes up time and resources on the part of the customer and your company that could better be spent elsewhere. Naturally, this causes the customers to lose their faith in your capabilities.

With enough of these errors, your company can get a reputation for being disorganized and providing the wrong products to customers. Other customers will not want to entrust you with their orders, and this will have a devastating effect on your overall profit. This could all be avoided by implementing a good warehouse management system with item validation.

An Organized Warehouse Reduces Shipping Errors

Sending out the correct items to customers is about more than just item validation. It is about having a warehouse that is operating smoothly and efficiently at all levels. It is important to have a WMS that can provide inventory management and physical/cycle counting of the products you have. Warehouse management systems that can provide pallet management along with better logistics will be essential, as well.

A System that Implements Item Validation Leads to Better Shipping Techniques

Take the time to find a quality WMS that can help with item validation and that will improve the shipping operations and inventory management in your warehouse. Another factor to consider is the interface. You want to have a system that will be easy to learn, understand, and use for all those who will be working with it.

Choose a warehouse management system that will integrate well with other pieces of technology and software that you already have in place, and that is flexible enough to work with your warehouse.

WMS With Item Validation for SAP Business One and Macola Software

WiSys has re-invented how warehouse management systems create value for customers. Item validation is integrated into WiSys products to achieve efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse. This helps to maintain customer loyalties and improve supply chain operations. Contact us to learn more.