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This year, we will be hosting monthly learning labs for customers. This is your opportunity to hear about new WiSys features, learn best practices, and ask questions. Our first Customer Learning Lab is all about Agility Label Designer.

Watch the Learning Lab recording below.

For our first Learning Lab, we provide a general overview of Agility Label Designer and show how to customize a label. We will be reorganizing a standard WiSys label and adding several elements to it (data field, text field, barcode, and image). We’ll then add the label to document manager and print it from Agility 360 using an out-of-the-box form. There will be time to cover label designer questions at the end of the session.

Learn how to use Agility Label Designer to:

  • Rearrange Labels
  • Add a Barcode
  • Add a Text Field
  • Add a Text Field with Data
  • Add a WiSys Image
  • Add a new label in Document Manager
  • Print from a mobile application in A360

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Agility Label Designer

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