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In this video, we continue our conversation with Gerry and Wes from Levata on the new barcode scanning technology that is available to WiSys WMS customers. You can watch our conversation in the video below.

New Barcode Scanning Technology

Barcode Scanning Technology for Your Warehouse

In this video, we discuss some of our favorite barcode-scanning devices and their features. Hear what we like about each one in this video.

The Zebra MC9300 is a favorite for many WiSys customers and has been the flagship for most WiSys deployments.

The Zebra MC3300 is a little bit smaller with a smaller keypad, but it has the same scan engine and the same processor as the 9300. Because of its smaller size, the MC3300 is lighter in weight but can still reach those 50-foot barcodes in the warehouse.

The Zebra TC52 and TC53 have different form factors and almost look more like a cell phone. The TC53 is available with cellular capability so that you can do transactions remotely. This is useful for customers with remote warehouses that don’t have Wi-Fi.

These modern devices have a lot of flexibility which means you are getting a really good return on your investment. They are expensive, but there is a good possibility you are going to have them for up to 10 years.

New Barcode Scanning Technology

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