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Agility Web Explorer gives you the ability to look at and manipulate your Macola information in real-time. In the video below, we use Agility Explorer to look at inventory information in a way that would be useful to a Warehouse Manager.

When Agility Web Explorer is opened, there are a number of components in the inventory / bill of material group. In this demonstration, I’m going to focus on Inventory Location Master List. When I open it up I am presented with all the items in my Macola inventory for all locations. It is an easy way to look at data in real-time in a spreadsheet view.

Watch the video below to see how a Warehouse Manager can use Agility Explorer to:

  • Filter items
  • Sort items
  • Drill into specific items
  • See inventory location data
  • Open purchase orders
  • Look at Serial/Lot information
  • Create a customized view
  • Export data to Excel
  • Look through Macola records very quickly

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