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When you look at your Macola Inventory screens do you believe what you see? Or do you constantly need to validate what is there? Issues like inaccurate Bill of Material, aging and expired inventory, too much manual paperwork, and difficulty finding products can cause real problems.

Solving Macola Inventory Concerns with WiSys

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Your inventory is off so you purchase the wrong items
  • The production schedule is off and you miss your due dates
  • Customer orders are late or canceled
  • Employees are wasting their time
  • Invoices are delayed which hurts your cashflow

Adding a WiSys Solution to your Macola creates an accurate inventory system that saves you time and money.

Does this sound better?

  • The right items are in stock and you know where to find them
  • Automated processes using barcode labeling, scanners, and directed work
  • Lot tracking from vendor receipt to shipment of the finished product
  • Automating manual tasks and paperwork
  • Lower labor costs
  • Happier customers, suppliers, and employees
  • Better visibility of the supply chain

If this sounds like something you need, don’t put it off another year. See how WiSys helps improve inventory control in the warehouse, production, and shipping departments.

Solving Macola Inventory Concerns with WiSys