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Watch this webinar for an overview demonstration of WiSys Agility WMS for SAP Business One. During the webinar, we cover:

WiSys Agility WMS for SAP Business OneAgility Essentials – designed and built to be an out-of-the box WMS solution for your SAP Business One ERP system. Easy to install and configure, you can install it in the morning and begin scanning your inventory in the afternoon.

Agility Fulfillment – provides you with standard processes for packing and shipping carton and pallet packaging.

Agility Pallets and Containers – provides for the storage and movement of pallets (license plate) in the warehouse using barcode scanning. You can build a pallet on-the-fly or during the fulfillment of your production process. When you build a pallet, a unique Pallet License Plate number is generated, which allows you to record the movement of the pallet within your warehouse by simply scanning the pallet ID using a mobile data collection device. When it comes to order fulfillment, you can perform a pallet letdown process to replenish your picking bins or you can scan a full pallet to add it to a shipment as part of Agility Fulfillment.

Watch the WiSys Agility WMS for SAP Business One Webinar Recording

Warehouse Management Solutions for SAP Business One

Ready to get started with a modern Warehouse Management System? WiSys Agility solutions have been designed to achieve efficient Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management. Contact us to learn more.