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Learn how the latest WiSys solution – Agility Reporting and Automation – can help you automate and transform your Macola ERP!

During this webinar, we review standard applications to show you how Agility brings speed and efficiency to your organization. Agility Reporting and Automation is designed to help you link your Macola connected process, see more relevant information and take action more quickly. You are able to filter and sort your Macola data (just like a spreadsheet), group similar items and execute on all items at the same time.

Some examples of Agility processes “out of the box” and ready to go:

  • Agility Order Console – increase customer service response time
  • Pick Management – allows easy adjustment of line quantities and print filtering
  • Reduce the time it takes to do confirm shipping, order billing and invoicing
  • Create, release and print PO’s with one click
  • Do PO Receiving in a grid on a group of PO’s all at one time
  • Close PO Lines with just one click
  • Analytical reporting with drill down to process data