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Effective immediately, WiSys business partners will now have access to a priority support channel through We ask that all partner support tickets be sent to that address moving forward.

All tickets sent to will be forwarded straight to Chase Linsenbigler who manages our partner enablement. He is equipped to solve the majority of issues your team will face. If something surpasses his knowledge, he will have a member of our support team on standby to expedite all tickets. Those tickets will receive the highest priority and be pushed to the front of that team member’s queue. If Chase is out of the office, the same process will occur with a support team member moving into Chase’s role until he returns.

What WiSys Partner Support Includes:

  • Questions about applications and how they work.
  • Workflow questions/issues and how we would solve them.
  • Partner Training (The Basics of Agility, Design Tool Training, Standing Enablement Meetings, Etc.)

Services not included under WiSys Partner Support:

  • Tailored Application Development
    • Tailoring questions can be asked to our enablement team and used during training, but they will not assist in actual development.
  • Go live Support
    • This needs to be scheduled and planned with Chase and our support team PRIOR to being on-site.
  • Other Onsite Visits
    • Chase should be notified in advance of onsite visits that may result in time-sensitive support issues.

This is a key part of our initiative to strengthen relationships with our strategic partners. In addition to this, our team is focused on producing more written documentation on the Agility system. As partners, you’re a valued piece of the WiSys family and our goal is to get you all the resources you need to make our alliance successful for years to come.

Thank you for being a key part of the WiSys family.