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POP Handheld Options

WiSys POP Handheld Options

A common question we receive about WiSys POP Reporting for Macola is if a barcode and handheld scanner can be used. Customers often want to use the scanners in their production department and need the ability to scan a pallet and have the system report production against it.

Is this something you are interested in too?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a pallet of X number of items?
  • Are they binned?
  • Are they lotted or serialized?
  • Are you happy with back flushing raw materials when creating a POP FG?
  • Or would you rather STAGE material to a POP area (POP WIP BIN) and back flush out of there?

And here is what WiSys can do for Macola:

  • WiSys POP can back flush just like Macola with or without bins.
  • WiSys POP can do STAGING to a POP WIP BIN and then automatically back flush out of there.
  • WiSys POP can also follow a similar material plan as to what’s available in SFC with discreet issues and returns.
  • WiSys POP can do FG reporting in Agility Explorer or in Agility WMS (formerly Pocket ES).
  • WiSys POP can do FG Pallet reporting. WiSys pallets are another layer of inventory, so you can scan one pallet and know exactly what’s on it. Very helpful for shipping.

Ready to learn more? The video below demonstrates how WiSys can be used to move materials to manufacturing and update Macola.