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At WiSys, we understand you may have questions about traceability and the need to manage batches in SAP Business One. Watch our latest video for a tour of WiSys WMS while focusing on the details involving batch and lot management.

During this video, we:

  • Show how WiSys handles batches
  • Introduce our serial batch builder module
  • Use Agility Desktop for visibility into tracking

Watch the WiSys WMS and Batch Management video below.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Trace Batches

Why is batch tracking so important? Batch tracking allows you to trace batches, or groups of items, that are created on a date or for a specific product. Here are 5 reasons you need to trace batches.

1. Improve Quality Control

Batch tracking helps improve quality control because it allows you to locate defective raw materials within your supply chain. You can then trace these defective batches of goods to see where they ended up. Batch tracking allows you to issue product recalls to customers and consumers for specific batches of goods sold if necessary. Batch tracking also helps ensure products are strategically sold and shipped according to expiry dates to avoid spoilage and waste.

2. Improve Regulatory Compliance

Many industries, like food, chemical, and pharmaceutical, are required to have batch-tracking systems. These systems are required for public health reasons because they assist with recalls when necessary, help evaluate the safety of goods, and improve the safety of recipes.

3. Enhanced Security

Batch tracking also provides the resources you need to defend yourself if it comes to litigation. These systems have real-time data that you can use to provide documentation to defend your processes if necessary.

4. Improve Customer Relations

Customer service is important to every company. Linking batches to raw materials and finished goods helps protect your business and customers if you need to replace or recall products. The ability to see this batch information in real-time and improve recipes when necessary helps improve your relationships with customers because they feel like they can trust your products.

5. Accurate Product Tracking Process

Manual tracking methods can create errors that are costly and dangerous. Automating the batch tracking process with a system like WiSys provides more accurate information and clear visibility into batches.

Have more questions about WiSys WMS and Batch Management? Contact us to learn more.