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Running a business these days is a daunting task when you are not adequately prepared. There are dozens of pain points that rise up throughout the day that can be difficult to manage. You might still be relying heavily on spreadsheets with erroneous data, finding yourself in out-of-stock situations before you know it, and utilizing outdated technologies. All these problems can be managed with the proper tools, such as an intelligent ERP system like SAP Business One.

How does SAP Business One solve common business problems? Let’s find out.

Disconnect and Miscommunication

If there is one thing any business wants to avoid like the plague, it’s miscommunication. Errors in data caused by redundant data entry. Disconnect between departments caused by separate systems. So much can go wrong! For example, if you are using spreadsheets to track customer data, but that data was drawn from a database, the processing time is slowed dramatically.

SAP Business One eliminates disconnection a couple of ways. First, it collects real-time data and stores it all in a secure centralized location. Second, the various modules ensure that every department can use SAP Business One, receive the real-time data at the same time, and never have to worry about redundancies. This also helps keep everyone connected, making planning and resolving less complicated.

Unexpected Delays and Downtime

Downtime can manifest in a couple of ways. For e-commerce, it happens between the order and the shipment. Lack of stock, backorders, and other common problems could make the customer cancel the order out of frustration. SAP Business One is exemplary at reducing downtime. Immediate updates, reports, and alerts keep you and the customer in the know about stock and shipments. As a business owner, you can keep an eye on resources, stock levels, and pricing to ensure that you always have exactly what the customer is looking for.

From a manufacturing standpoint, SAP Business One prevents delays with production scheduling and material resource planning (MRP) capabilities. The software keeps an eye on the life cycle of batches, allocated resources, and will let you know when it is time to order more resources to keep up with production.

Chaotic Customer Experiences on E-Commerce Sites

Personalization plays a key role in whether a customer continues to buy from you. In fact, 64% of B2B customers stated that they would switch to a vendor who provides real-time, customized pricing. Furthermore, most people now buy from e-commerce sites through multiple channels, such as tablets, phones, computers, and over the phone. This combination of shopping platforms should all operate the same way and be seamless.

If your current online business is struggling to meet the same level of productivity and revenue as your physical location, SAP Business One can help. You can integrate every digital platform that you use for selling products into SAP B1, quickly gain insights to their shopping habits, see customer contact information, finances, and more. You can also host payment options that are available across all channels, making the checkout process less complicated.

Inventory Mismanagement

Moving stock makes money, particularly for warehouses. SAP Business One integrates with warehouse management systems (WMS) but also includes its own version, so businesses can track the coming and going inventory easily. Real-time data collection gives you continued insight on orders and stock values. You can also automate quality checks for incoming stock to ensure that everything is in an acceptable condition. The software also lets you manage multiple bills of materials (BOMs).

Fumbled Order Loading

Logistics play a tremendous role in the success of a business. For instance, the time it takes between an item being ordered to that order being processed and shipped out is crucial. You want efficient order loading and completion. SAP Business One can track orders, inventory levels, and locations, and also integrate with other applications, such as barcode scanners to accelerate every step of the packing and shipping process.

Invoices can be generated automatically and sent out as soon as the last item is packed up and sent out. Plus, SAP Business One keeps an in-depth log to help you track orders and develop marketing plans. Customers can also be notified automatically whenever their order is processed, shipped, and delivered, so there is never any question about the location of their package.

Solve Problems With SAP Business One and WiSys

A business should function like an organized symphony, with every department playing its role perfectly. To do that, though, you might need some help. SAP Business One brings harmonization to your business, allowing data to fluidly move through the system. Smooth management and greater profits are possible with SAP Business One.

Together with WiSys, you can implement SAP Business One and integrate other programs your business already uses quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today to learn how we can help.