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As a manufacturer, you want to know your business from the inside out. To do so, you need to effectively plan and strategize how resources are used and managed. You also need quick order processing, transparency, and timeliness to get the job done right. Having an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system could be exactly what you need to make more informed decisions and manage your manufacturing company and supply chain with more ease.

SAP Business One is a prime example of a highly functional ERP. The program gives manufacturers far more functionality and flexibility across all sectors. Since you can also integrate other applications into SAP Business One, you can view information at any time you need, all in the same place.

There are many benefits manufacturers can enjoy by implementing SAP Business One, so let’s have a look.

Common Struggles in Manufacturing

One of the reasons manufacturing companies implement an ERP like SAP Business One is due to some common issues most face. Be they large, medium, or small, manufacturers can find themselves struggling with the following:

  • Manually inputting and tracking data via spreadsheets
  • Utilizing outdated systems for operations and finances that are weak and slow
  • Entering manufacturing orders manually into a system and causing errors and downtime
  • Low-end accounting software
  • Tracking lot numbers manually
  • Poor communication between departments caused by poorly functioning software

SAP Business One and other ERP solutions are available for manufacturers of all sizes. The system eliminates many of the issues that create larger management issues within your organization.

The Key Features of SAP Business One

Here are some of the main features found in SAP Business One that manufacturers use most frequently:

  • Material Resource Planning and Production: Material management features include mixed and variation production, stock production, and more.
  • Project and Production Management: Manufacturing and logistics information, accounting, and cross-functional reporting that is created by real-time information gathering and tracking.
  • Supply Chain and Sales Management: Sales orders, order management, automated transactions, and more.
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS): Manufacturers can view and manage transaction periods, bills of materials, order times, batch groups, material availability and capacity allocations.
  • Dashboards: SAP Business One lets you create a dashboard that gives you a flexible view of your company, reports, and accurate analyses.
  • Quality Controls: Execute tests for quality during the procurement and production of materials.
  • Pool Controls: Use the volume of work to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost Estimation: Prepare quotes and estimates for customers and calculate profits.
  • Multiple Warehouse Management: Get seamless communication and reporting between every single warehouse connected to the system.
  • Product Configurator: Manage products and all the variants.

The Benefits of SAP Business One for Manufacturers

Now that you have seen some of the features available within SAP Business One, you will want to know how it can increase functionality throughout your organization. The ERP has been designed with manufacturers in mind and offers multiple methods for simplifying production, sales, assembly, and more. For example, you can create bills-of-materials (BOM) and store them by number, warehouse, description, and item composition with just a couple of steps. You can also record production methods, pricing, comments, quantities and more for every product.

But that isn’t the only thing SAP Business One can do for manufacturing companies:

1. Enhanced Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

Make more complex plans throughout the procurement and production process. SAP Business One features a MRP Wizard, where you can create scenarios by choosing the items, data sources, and planning horizon. You can then generate multiple outcomes and save ones to reuse them later. You can also have the MRP module automate production and purchase orders, so you will always have the appropriate amount of goods needed and enough time to remain on schedule.

The MRP function is also integrated into other features within the ERP. This gives you end-to-end insight to the entire production process, as well as real-time reports.

2. Better Lot Traceability

Use SAP Business One to optimize stock, ensuring that item levels remain at a preferable amount and that those goods are rotated properly. You can also access product expiration analysis functions and a feature that allows you to trace components back to their source.

3. Inventory Management

Want to get a handle on your stock and warehouse maintenance? SAP Business One has multiple functions that make warehouse management less hectic. There is a bin location tracking function for faster adaptation to stock changes. You can use the system to document and track stock levels, price lists, pricing agreements, and warehouse transfers.

4. Information All in One Place

One of the greatest strengths of SAP Business One is the robust dashboards that you can completely customize to suit your needs. You gain access to dozens of analysis features to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening within your business. SAP Business One thoroughly integrates into your business, so anyone within any department can access specific information and use it. For instance, cost reporting done within SAP Business can be made visible to those in accounting, HR, and administration. That also helps you improve customer service and keep employees safer.

5. Enhanced Customer Relationships

Keeping your customers happy is important. SAP Business One can handle queries, orders, and invoices, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Customer data can also be stored within the system. These functions help you build more trust and repute among your customers, fostering longer relationships and better business deals.

Ready to Give SAP Business One a Try?

What are the benefits of SAP Business One for manufacturing? Try improved efficiency, inventory tracking, better management, and reduced inventory carrying costs. But there is so much more to SAP Business One than that. The program is simple and easy to use but extremely powerful; it can enhance your manufacturing business from day one.

If you are looking to give SAP Business One a try, you are going to need an experienced partner to help. WiSys provides tailored solutions to businesses like yours to make implementing SAP Business One and other management solutions seamless. Give us a call today to learn more.