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You are considering SAP Business One for your small or medium-sized business. Good! SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that has been adopted by thousands of businesses throughout the world already. The highly effective business management system enables SMBs like yours to operate more smoothly right from implementation.

But what can SAP Business One really do? What features and functions are included? Here is a brief overview of the features of SAP B1 help you decide if it is right for you.

What Modules are Included in SAP Business One?

SAP Business One has everything you need to manage a business down to the smallest details. With modules, you can harness various functions to achieve greater visibility, productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and more for your small to midsize business.

But what are these modules we keep talking about?

A module is a collection of functions that are integrated into the overall processes of the ERP. Unlike other software available, SAP Business One allows you to choose which modules you want to use. Every module is included within the program already (depending on the license you have), but you can customize which modules are available to a person or department.

You will find modules located within the left-hand menu of the program or accessed from the drop down navigation menu under the label “Modules.” Here is the complete list:

  • Administration: Settings for users and the system.
  • Banking: Incoming and outgoing payments.
  • CRM: Marketing activities.
  • Financial: Accounting, financial reporting and postings.
  • Opportunities: Sales records and reports.
  • Sales: Control quotes, sales orders, invoices, and deliveries.
  • Purchases: Control purchase orders, receipts, vendor payments, quotations, and more.
  • Business Partners: Manage customers, leads, vendors, and all their details.
  • Inventory: Manage all items bought, sold, and item information.
  • Resources: Master data of all resources and resource planning.
  • MRP: A wizard for make-and-buy predictions for better material resource planning.
  • Production: Bills of material (BOM), routing, production orders, and more.
  • Project Management: Access a list of projects, tasks, issues, and financial summaries.
  • Service: Manage service calls, contracts, and customer equipment cards.
  • Human Resources: Master data of all employees and their information.
  • Reports: Creates reports from data gathered within every module.

What are Key Functions of SAP Business One?

With all the modules available, it is easy to see how SAP Business One can completely integrate into your business and become the management solution you have been looking for. The major advantage of SAP Business One is how it harmonizes the data collected from other integrated programs and displays it all in one place. It’s a cross-functional ERP that helps every department and employee become more connected and efficient.

Some of the key functions that upgrade your business include:

  • Drag & Relate: The patented Drag & Relate function allows you to choose a data field then drag it to any other field within the menu, instantly creating a data report.
  • Integration: Synchronize with dozens of software, including Microsoft Office and WiSys’ own WMS, Agility.
  • Workflow alerts and KPIs: Get reports from specified events. You can designate which activities to track and when you want alerts so you can take immediate action.
  • Adaptability: As your business changes and grows, you can add, upgrade, and change how SAP Business One functions.
  • Embedded CRM: SAP B1 is the only ERP that contains a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) function. Manage customer and vendor information, track accounts, check out a sales funnel analysis, and much more.

The Features of SAP Business One

Now that you have seen some of the key functions within SAP B1, let’s introduce some of the features available within the modules. These features give you streamlined control of your business and more insightful planning.

Analytics and Reporting

The customizable level of access to modules and reports means that you can make critical data available company-wide. The dashboards are colorful, interactive, and present data intuitively. You can easily track cash flow, performance, disruptions, and more from the dashboards.

SAP B1 also collects data in real-time. That data is used to create on-demand reports or scheduled ones.

Purchasing Control

You can optimize the procurement process within SAP Business One. Generate and management requisition requests, receipts, purchase orders, and returns. You can view information on purchases and sales and also accept payments in multiple currencies.

Financial Management

Real-time data can also be used by the financial module. Automate data entry to create more accurate accounts. Access and control accounts receivable and payable, track assets, manage budgets and banking.

Sales and Customer Management

From the initial contact with a customer to after-sales service, you have everything you need. Your sales and service teams will be much more efficient with CRM functionalities. Track sales opportunities and start the sales cycle; manage marketing activities easily and turn leads into customers; and manage all contracts and agreements within the system.

Production and Inventory Control

Manufacturers, warehouses, and similar businesses will benefit greatly from SAP B1. You can manage the inventory of multiple locations and bins. Use the program to add details about products, manage serial and batch numbers, generate comprehensive reports and analysis, move and track stock, and more.

Looking to Implement SAP Business One?

Small and midsize businesses need a series of tools like those in SAP Business One if they want to be consistent, efficient, and productive. Regardless of your industry, SAP B1 has dozens of features that eliminate many challenges SMBs face regularly. There is no better time than to get SAP Business One or make it work better for you.

Partner with WiSys and get a seamless SAP B1 implementation! We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients and will help you achieve your business goals. Whether you have SAP Business One already or are looking to transition over to an ERP system, our team can help. Give us a call today to learn more.