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In our latest webinar, you will discover the power of WiSys Agility Shipping for Macola and unlock a world of reduced errors and improved order velocity.

Get an in-depth overview of Agility Shipping, the seamless extension of Agility Picking and Packing designed specifically for Macola Progression, ES, and M10. Explore how Agility Shipping can revolutionize your parcel shipping needs by replacing ShipRush for UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipments. Learn how Agility Shipping stacks up against other shipping applications for Macola Software.

Witness firsthand how Agility Shipping can streamline your shipping process by reducing errors through enhanced order and item validation. Experience the speed and efficiency of shipping with just a handheld scanner – one order, one item, one label. Dive into the world of EDI ASN’s and discover how Agility Shipping automatically creates the required shipment pack structure, eliminating the need for manual data entry on websites.

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork! With Agility Shipping, necessary documents are automatically printed on a per customer basis, saving you time and effort.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your shipping operations. Watch this demonstration of WiSys Agility Shipping for Macola today!

Agility Shipping Overview
Watch a comprehensive overview of Agility Shipping to see how it serves as an extension of Agility Pick/Pack for Macola. We also delve into how Agility Shipping can effectively replace ShipRush for all your parcel shipping needs, whether it’s UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

Simple Confirm Shipping
Simple Confirm shipping is helpful if you are currently using Macola Confirm Shipping with ShipGear, StarShip, or another 3rd party shipping system. It provides order and item validation and confirm ships your order so you get it right the first time and reduce errors.

Single Line Shipping
Single line shipping is helpful if you are doing a lot of small eCommerce orders. This application makes it easy to pick orders and print labels as you go. It provides order and item validation and efficiency.

Directed Staging & Shipment Building
Directed Staging is used to direct workers through the warehouse to pick and fill orders. The handheld device acts like a GPS and directs workers through the warehouse in an orderly manner. This eliminates wandering around and looking for items and helps get workers trained faster.

Pallet Shipment
Agility Shipping has a complete pallet layer that allows you to move pallets and get them on a truck ready for shipment. You can acknowledge that the truck is loaded, take a picture to help reduce chargebacks, and capture a signature.

WiSys Agility Shipping Options for Macola Webinar

Ready to learn more about optimizing your shipping operations with WiSys Agility Shipping for Macola? Contact us today to get started.