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The Recommended Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Macola Progression, ES and Exact Macola 10.

WiSys Supply Chain Management solutions integrate seamlessly with the Exact Macola ERP. This allows Macola users to record all business transactions in real-time, starting at the first touch point in the organization. WiSys adaptable tools are purpose-built to automate unique business processes and allow agile business decisions based on real-time data through:

WiSys real-time Supply Chain solutions for Exact Macola provide a tangible Return on Investment.

The benefits of real-time recording of data include lower costs, fewer data entry errors, improved customer service, reduced inventory, better compliance, and the ability to expand without additional personnel.



Real-Time material management at the first touch point in your organization.

shipping logistics


Shipping is where the supply chain creates the most demand on your business and requires you to be flexible.

pallet management


WiSys Pallet Management provides a very robust solution for building, shipping and recording the movement of pallets.

order management


Tools for managing the creation of sales orders, filling backorders, and scheduling replenishments of purchased or manufactures items.



Real-Time manufacturing reporting for Production Order Processing & Shop Floor Control.



Adaptable tools for building unique processes and workflows without modifying a single line of code.

agility explorer


Agility Explorer is both an analytical tool to help monitor data and a transaction tool that can act on data.

Developer sdk


Rapidly deploy new business processes based on current Exact Macola functionality.



Agility Open Order Master Grid

Macola Order Management: Agility OE Open Order Master Grid

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This blog post is part of the Agility Explorations series. The purpose of Agility Explorations is to share best practices on how to use all the WiSys Agility Explorer tools…

shopping cart - ecommerce

ECommerce, Meet Supply Chain

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Two major trends are sweeping the supply chain world that will undoubtedly change how you do business: just-in-time production and highly individualized shopping experiences. Thanks to supply chain giants such…

Agility Daily Order Calendar View

Macola Order Management: Agility Daily Order Calendar View

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This blog post is part of the Agility Explorations series. The purpose of Agility Explorations is to share best practices on how to use all the WiSys Agility Explorer tools…


WiSys and Exact Visit Atlanta Community Food Bank

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During the week of Evolve, we were happy to visit our joint customer the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) with representatives from Exact Software, including the new Macola Director of…


See how the WiSys Agility applications improve business processes throughout your supply chain to create a real-time warehouse environment – from planning and receiving an order to filling and shipping that order.


Ready to learn how to use our tools? Visits our video training library where we share everything from introductions to technical drill-downs to make sure you are using all the WiSys tools effectively.



WiSys Agility Web Explorer Webinar

You are invited to attend a webinar about Agility Web Explorer, our new browser-based technology. This new tool takes our popular Agility Explorer grids to the internet and extends the functionality of WiSys, and Macola, to any device. Now you can decide which device is right for the job.

During this webinar you will see Agility Web Explorer in a browser, on a tablet and embedded in Macola. We will also be asking for your feedback on how you would like to use this new technology.

The webinar will take place on June 14 and 23.

Success Stories

WiSys benefits include productivity increases from 20-30% and inventory and shipping accuracy rates that exceed 99%.

One customer saved $1 million in reduced inventory over a 2-year period.