Support Team

Don Beer

DonBeerDon Beer is the Director of Consulting and Support for WiSys. He began his career with WiSys in 2010 as a consultant implementing the WiSys tool sets to design custom solutions to meet customers workflow requirements. Don became manager of support in 2011 and began developing a more comprehensive set of documentation and procedures to assist customers and resellers. He has been instrumental in expanding the team of two in 2011 to five in 2015 along with the services they provide. They continue to develop and maintain the standard set of Agility Mobile forms and Agility grids distributed by WiSys.

Prior to joining WiSys, Don was the head of IT for two publishing companies and the Vice President of Operations for a stationery company. Don earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and then spent six years as a software developer and consultant for a software company very similar to WiSys. He is very proud of not only his Support Team, but the entire team at WiSys as together they continue to make the WiSys customer experience even better.