What is Real-Time ERP for Macola?

An overview of WiSys Supply Chain Management solutions and how they create real-time ERP for Macola users.

WiSys Supply Chain Management solutions create a real-time ERP environment that allows Macola users to record all business transactions at the first touch point in the organization. WiSys adaptable tools automate business processes and allow agile business decisions based on real-time data through:

  • firsttouchpointBusiness Intelligence
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Production Management
  • Order Processing
  • Shipping and Packaging with Pallet Management
  • Bin/Serial/Lot control

First Touch Point in the Organization

An example of the value of recording a transaction at the first touch point can be found in picking and shipping. Traditionally, shipments are recorded in the ERP system (Macola) as an inventory reduction after they have been written on the pick ticket and then keyed in at a later date. In a real-time environment, the reduction of material would be recorded in Macola as soon as it is taken from the shelf, which is the first touch point of inventory movement. This means inventory information is accurate to the second to allow for rapid and accurate business decisions.

Through real-time recording of data, you will benefit from reduced costs, reduced data entry errors, improved customer service, reduced inventory, compliance, and the ability to expand without additional personnel. WiSys real-time Macola ERP solutions provide a very high ROI based on obvious and tangible cost reductions.

WiSys offers several solutions that help your company to record transaction at the first touch point in the organization. The list below highlights these solutions. Visit the Solutions page for a complete list.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Mobile Barcode Scanning
  • Barcoded Label and Document Printing
  • Pallet Management
  • Physical and Cycle Counting
  • Purchase Order Receiving

WiSysAEDashboardAgility Explorer – Business Intelligence Execution

  • Grid Style Computing
  • Importing Spread Sheets
  • Outlook Integration Add-In
  • Dashboard Information


  • Shop Floor/POP Material Issue/Return
  • Shop Floor/POP Work Center Reporting

Shipping Logistics

  • Pick Pack Shipping with BOL
  • Carton and Pallet Packaging
  • UPS, FedEx and USPS Integration
  • EDI ASN Shipping Integration

Agility Tools

  • Agility Design Studio
  • Agility Form Studio
  • .Net Business Objects for Macola Transactions

Business Intelligence Execution

Business Intelligence Execution is both about executing on Business Intelligence and using Business Intelligence to execute. A major barrier to implementing Business Intelligence is the relevance of the data being analyzed. WiSys offers Business Intelligence that is implemented in conjunction with the above solutions. By recording business transactions at the first touch in the organization, Macola data becomes relevant so that Business Intelligence becomes a powerful decision tool.

WiSys has integrated the Developers SDK into Business Intelligence solutions. This allows customers to map business intelligence results to business transactions. This means business decisions are instantly transacted rather than re-keyed into the Macola ERP system eliminating transposition errors and costly personnel time.

Adaptable Framework

WiSys products are designed on an adaptable framework called Agility, which is a framework designed as a tool for consultants and customers alike. Every company has unique processes and the level of ROI obtained from implementing a system depends on how a system adapts to the user rather than how the user is required to adapt to the system.

Agility Design Studio – A robust design environment that allows you to design very specific Business Intelligence Execution components.

Agility Form Studio – A visual design environment which allows you to build mobile handheld data collection forms that are unique to your business processes.