Agility 360

Agility 360 is our latest WMS platform that runs natively on Android devices. Native means it runs directly on the device itself. Agility 360 uses web service (restful) calls to do transactions in Macola or SAP Business One.

How is Agility 360 different from Agility Mobile?

Agility 360

  • Must run on a device with Android OS
  • Must run on a device with Android OS
  • Needs an IIS Server
  • Smaller footprint, fewer resources
  • New look and user interface (UI)
  • Access to device features & functions

agility 360

Agility Mobile

  • Can run on Windows CE or Android Devices
  • Runs through an RDP Session
  • Needs an RDP Server plus RDP Licenses
  • Needs more resources
  • Legacy look
  • No access through RDP

agility mobile

What do Agility 360 and Agility Mobile have in common?

Both Agility 360 and Agility Mobile use Agility Form Studio for designing forms. Forms created for Agility Mobile will run in Agility 360, however, we always recommend testing all custom forms in a test environment first.

Overview Webinar

Watch a quick 30-minute webinar to learn about our latest product, Agility 360! Whether your ERP is Macola or SAP Business One, learn the following about Agility 360:

  • What exactly is Agility 360?
  • What are the hardware and system requirements for using Agility 360?
  • What are the differences between Agility 360 and Agility Mobile?
  • What costs are associated with using Agility 360?
  • And more!