Manufacturing Execution

Real-time production reporting

Agility Essentials: Production Execution

Production Reporting and Material Issue and Return for SAP Business One

The WiSys Production module for SAP Business One provides users with a simple and powerful manufacturing process designed to scan and report finished good material. WiSys also provides the ability to scan and issue raw material components as well return unneeded components after they have been issued. This is particularly important when your raw materials are serialized or lot controlled because you can ensure that the material picker is specifying the unique serial or lot number at the moment the material is picked and associated with a specific order.

Production of Finished Goods can also be recorded using a mobile data collection device including reporting production of complete pallets. At the time of production, serial or lot information as well as bin location will also be identified and recorded in SAP Business One. Production is also the transactional event where you can issue entire pallets easily to an order and report completed pallets of finished goods using WiSys Pallet Management for SAP Business One.