Video Gallery: WiSys Customer Stories

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Camco Chemicals

Camco Chemicals is a contract lender and packager of chemical products. They also provide warehouse and shipping for most of their customers. In this video series, Camco explains how they use WiSys Warehouse Management Solutions to achieve warehouse inventory and production success. See how Camco does Warehouse Management right!

Camco CEO

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Operations

Cycle Counting and Inventory Accuracy

Inventory Management

Real-Time Information

GPA Acquisitions

GPA Acquisitions is the largest independent provider of specialty printable substrates solutions in North America. GPA implemented WiSys WMS in 2011 after struggling with inventory management. Since integrating WiSys, GPA has saved over $1 million in reduced inventory levels and seen 96% efficient pick rate and 95% same-day ship rate for orders.

Design Ideas

Design Ideas is a design firm that creates fun, functional products for the home and office. In this video you can see how Design Ideas uses WiSys to improve business operations. This customer is using WiSys Agility to perform real-time transactions and streamline warehouse operations so they can ultimately save time and reduce data entry errors.

Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill needed a Warehouse Management solution that allowed them to create their own unique business processes. They found this flexibility in WiSys. They are now able to create customized solutions for their employees and report on products in real-time.

Ram Products

Ram Products is a repair and maintenance distribution company in Texas. Their biggest business challenge prior to WiSys was efficiency and speed. They wanted to find a WMS that helped them move at the maximum speed their processes would allow.


Prior to WiSys, Tweezerman was struggling to tackle day-to-day processes with their ERP system. They wanted to bring all their processes together to form a cohesive operation and chose to work with WiSys because they believed our solutions could help reach this goal. Tweezerman saw a return on their investment within the first year of using WiSys.

Auburn Manufacturing

Auburn’s IT Manager explains her business challenges prior to implementing WiSys and explains how WiSys has changed Auburn’s operations for the better.

Chemaid Laboratories

Chemaid’s biggest challenge when looking for a WMS solution was that they needed to get down to the minute level of container lot tracking. They chose to work with WiSys because we offered the best possible solution for them. Chemaid has reduce the number of ERP transactions from 5-6 down to 1 transaction that is done through an Agility grid. Chemaid also developed a cycle count program with WiSys which has reduced inventory errors. Their percentage of accuracy is now 99%.