WiSys Order Management Videos

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WiSys provides many tools for managing the creation of sales orders, filling backorders based on unique customer requirements, and scheduling replenishments of purchased or manufactured items. Check out the videos below to see how you can benefit from these tools.

Most of our videos are available and best viewed in High Definition (HD). To make sure each video plays in HD, click on the Settings wheel in the bottom right corner. From there you can change the quality of the video to HD (720p, 1080i or 1080p). Depending on your internet speed, the video may default to HD.

Receive an Order and Update Macola in Real-Time

Quickly Fill Orders and Organize Shipments in Macola

Macola Order Management Using the Open Order Master Grid

Macola Daily Orders in a Calendar View

Multiple Location Shipping for Macola

PO Receiving with Macola Lot and Manufacturing Lot information

Streamlined Order Fulfillment

Streamline Macola Order Processing with WiSys Agility Explorer

Overview of Macola PO Receiving, POP Backfill, Simple Picking, Confirm Shipping and Label Printing

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