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In the post below, one of our customers explains how they used the WiSys Cycle Counting solution to improve their inventory accuracy.

At Chemaid Laboratories, we have been using the WiSys cycle count application for Macola since 2012. Our goal prior to 2012 year end was to present our outside auditors with a proven cycle count solution that would allow us to forgo a complete year end wall to wall physical inventory. Using the WiSys application we were able to achieve such and thus save hours/days of shut down time that normally would occur during year end to accompany a physical inventory.

The program was developed to count not only to the bin/serial lot level but even further to the “LPN” level within the bin and lot. For us, it is very important to know the individual containers (LPN) of a lot number rather than the sum of all. Our inventory accuracy has improved to the point where we are running close to 99% each month.

The Agility reports that accompany the program give us a variety of ways to view variances prior to posting (Cost, Quantity, Bin) and in our case LPN (individual container). There is also a grid that allows us to view problems, make adjustments and accept the counted quantities. We utilize this grid as one last review point prior to posting the batch. Posted counts reside in a Tag History table for future reporting and analysis.

Overall, the solution has been a great success here at Chemaid, saving us time and resources, improving our accuracy percent, and giving us the granularity at the individual container level that we require.

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