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Running a SMB can be difficult, especially when there are so many issues that arise just within your inventory and warehousing. Fortunately, where there is a challenge, there are also multiple technological solutions. You may have even heard an ERP or WMS suggested for your business, as both systems automate a variety of tasks. One or the other is always great to have, but have you thought about gaining an entirely comprehensive system by implementing both SAP Business One and a WMS like Agility from Wisys?

There are many instances where two are better than one, especially when it comes to the ERP and WMS combination. Let’s talk about why.


What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that was developed with small business owners in mind. As a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for SMBs, manufacturers, and distributors in over 150 countries, SAP Business One is highly favored. There are many reasons SAP Business One is often seen as the ultimate solution for a growing business, including its automation capabilities, real-time data collection and reporting, and a variety of modules for all sections of your business.

The software can also be integrated with other warehouse management systems like the Agility suite from Wisys.


What is Agility WMS?

The Agility suite from Wisys is a fully customizable and scalable warehouse management system (WMS). Any ERP on the market is not the be-all-end-all solution for a business, as there are many blind spots that not even SAP Business One can uncover. A WMS is what enables SAP Business One to stay up-to-date and correct. With a WMS like the Agility suite, you can track incoming and outgoing inventory by location, bin, and more; improve pick-and-pack times; synergize with other departments; and optimize the entire supply chain.


Common Issues For Growing SMBs

Inventory management has never been easy, but emergent market conditions complicating the supply chain make it an increasingly daunting task. Accurate inventory processing is imperative because errors can impact every aspect of your organization. The following account for three common issues that challenge the average supply chain of today:

Poor Tracking

Manual tracking procedures are subject to operator error. For example, if an employee writes down a bin number on a sheet of paper and hands that to someone else to manually input into the system, that next person may read a number wrong, causing a slew of problems down the line. Plus, many SMBs rely on outdated systems that absorb too much time, creating a backlog of data that is already obsolete by the time it gets to the right person.


Inefficient Warehousing

Warehouse-level inventory management controls demand a healthy labor force to carry out multiple steps, including receiving and storing, picking, packing, and shipping. Business owners find themselves challenged by tasks like sourcing adequate labor and optimizing their warehouse space.


Unreliable Data

Accurate information about your processes must remain accessible at a moment’s notice so you know precisely how much inventory you have on hand. Scheduling weeks of downtime to pull your employees out of production so they can hand count your stock is a costly and outmoded practice.


How SAP Business One and a WMS Benefit Growing Businesses

From finance and accounting to human resources and analytics, utilizing SAP Business One and Agility WMS as a comprehensive platform means greater organization for your business under one interface. You don’t have to engage and manage several vendors with multiple pieces of software throughout your different departments. By having such a streamlined system, you reduce the margin of error, thereby reducing stress on your employees and increasing customer satisfaction.

SAP Business One is a modular and adaptable solution with features that can benefit any industry. You can implement the application on-site or over the cloud, making it accessible from any connected location through a mobile device. As your footprint expands, you can customize the software to meet your evolving requirements. The same is true for the fully customizable Agility WMS suite from Wisys. For business owners looking to expand internationally, the SAP Business One application interfaces with multiple languages and most global currencies.

SAP Business One offers an inbuilt warehousing functionality for smaller operations that want to integrate the software with their current warehouse management system, such as Agility. Advanced configurable software options mean you can increase warehouse productivity by implementing complex picking procedures that deploy paperless scanning systems or support various warehouse sites.


Let Us Help You Optimize Your Business

With the help of SAP Business One, companies are reengineering their existing business models for more efficient processes. Our Agility WMS application clears the path for more innovation while simplifying your digital transformation journey and assuring that your operations remain up-to-date and competitive. Together, SAP Business One and Agility WMS are a powerful team that ushers your SMB towards a new stage of profitable growth.

If you are looking for a comprehensive system with a user-friendly interface to increase productivity and gain control of your business, give Wisys a call today at 770-955-3550.