Warehouse Management Solutions for Macola

Seamless integration with Macola Progression, ES, and Macola 10

No more paper.

No more delays.

No more excuses.

Since integrating the WiSys Warehouse Management System, GPA has saved $1 million in reduced inventory levels over a 2-year period. We now have complete visibility into inventory levels at all sites and the exact location of orders throughout the shipping cycle.

GPA Acquisitions, Inc.Manny Martinez, Director of IT

Moving into real-time WMS changed things so much and made our processes so much faster, easier and reliable. We use WiSys for everything.

Faber-Castell USABrendan McGee, IT Manager

One of the biggest things I’ve seen as a customer is the way Agility makes Macola better. We are able to extract data and turn it into information to build our business.

FreshPetColumbus Adamson

We achieved a 99.9% inventory accuracy, which lead to quicker customer order turn around, increased customer satisfaction and overall efficiency gains company wide. I would recommend WiSys to any Macola user.

Chemaid LaboratoriesEd Nelson, Vice President

WiSys allows us to adapt to ever changing customer & production needs while maintaining Macola as our base system.

Alex ProductsJerry Allgire

Let’s face the truth.

Running a warehouse is hard when you are dealing with the following…

  • Hunting for lost products in your warehouse
  • Delayed and Inaccurate Shipments
  • Unpredictable Supply Shortages
  • Lack of compliance and traceability
  • Tedious Label and Document Printing
  • Unhappy customers
  • Frustrated employees

WiSys Agility for Macola

Transform your warehouse operations with automation

WiSys helps manufacturing and distribution companies overcome warehouse issues like inventory inaccuracy, delayed/incorrect shipments, and lack of compliance/traceability so that you are able to scale your business more profitably while keeping your customers happy.

See WiSys in action – watch our overview videos. 

Agility WMS

  • Purchase Order Receiving, put-a-way with bins​
  • Label Printing​
  • Inventory Transactions: Receipt, Issue, Transfer​
  • RMA Receiving​
  • In-Transit ​
  • Sales Order Item Staging​
  • Inventory Counting, Cycle Counting​
  • Simple Directed Sales Order Picking – using Macola Bins​
  • Simple Warehouse Shipping – Confirm Shipping​
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Watch the video - Agility WMS

Agility Pallets (Packaging)

  • Pallet Inventory Counting
  • Pallet Inventory Analysis
  • Pallet Builder for Stocked Pallets with License Plate Number (LPN)
  • Pallet Transfer
  • Pallet Letdown
  • Pallet Carton Picking
  • Pallet Issue for POP or SFC
  • Pallet Production for POP or SFC
  • Pallet Shipping – Load Pallets
  • Pallet Labeling – LPN Printing
  • Pallet Status Views
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Watch the video - Agility Pallets

Agility Manufacturing Execution

  • POP / SFC Material Issue, Return
  • POP / SFC Production Reporting
  • Finish Goods Label Printing
  • POP Production Backfill (One Step Manufacturing)
  • POP Console Desktop Automation
  • Variance Grid Style Reporting
  • Shop Floor Labor Reporting, Paper”less” Shop Floor
  • Real-Time Order Status
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Watch the video - Manufacturing Execution

Agility Shipping Logistics (Pick & Pack)

  • Packing Mixed Item Pallets
  • Packing Cartons
  • Packing Cartons on Pallets
  • Packing on the Desktop on using Handheld Scanner
  • Printing Pallet / Carton Labels UCC128
  • TL or LTL with Bill of Lading (BOL) and Packing List
  • Small Package Shipping with UPS/FedEx/USPS
  • ASN Integration with Data Masons
  • Automation Billing / Invoicing
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Watch the video - Agility Shipping

It is time to transform your Warehouse

Stop wasting time and money waiting for the right moment to automate your warehouse operations. Here’s how we can help you get started.


Our warehouse management coach will ask the right questions and then give a live demo of how WiSys might apply to your operation.


Post investment, our business analyst will visit your operation to assess your processes to create a Blueprint unique to your situation.


WiSys will provide a complete Warehouse Management System that is fit for your process and integrates with your ERP Systems.


Once tests are complete, your system is ready to use. With support from our team, we are here to ensure your continued success as our partner.

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