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Using SAP Business One for your small- or midsized enterprise (SME)? Then you will be excited to learn that the ERP system recently launched its tenth version. The latest update introduces us to some new enhancements and fresh features. In fact, SAP Business One 10.0 was one of the most anticipated releases of the system.

What’s new in SAP Business One 10.0? Let’s unpack it together.

Upgraded Web Client and UX

When the news of SAP Business One 10.0 was first released, 30 new features and upgrades were promised. SAP delivered. The new web client provides users with online access and a new skin for the dashboard called Belize Deep. Overall, the software looks and feels more modern. Furthermore, the new skin harmonizes the appearance of both the online and desktop versions, making the experience for all users all the more seamless.

Here is a brief list of changes to the entire web client:

  • Enhanced delivered objects (Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Delivery, Items, Activity, and Business Partner)
  • Extended sales reporting
  • Support of outgoing serial and batch numbers/bin location selection
  • Support CRM
  • Extended localization support (for the UK and Ireland after Brexit)
  • Enhanced analytical abilities
  • Microsoft 365 support
  • Web assistant adoption
  • Enhanced extensibility support for URL mashups and Fiori/HTML5 applications

Other features were employed solely for the user experience. For example, there is a new icon and menu option found under View. At the top of the dashboard, the company name and the user name is displayed. You can click the name to open the Choose Company window. This means that switching between databases and users takes a single click.

Window Resizing and Maximizing

Additionally, SAP B1 version 10 introduces the ability to resize the screen. Now, you can switch between a full screen view or resize the application to view multiple windows at once. Get even more viewable space by minimizing the toolbar. This eliminates the need to endlessly scroll for information.

The new resize and maximize function works with the following sections:

  • General Settings
  • Company Details
  • Print Preferences
  • Posting Periods
  • Checks for Payment
  • Update Special Prices Globally
  • Layout and Sequence
  • Payment Methods
  • UDF – Field Data
  • Configuration Management
  • and more

Additional Administration Columns

The Allocation and Assignment tabs have gotten a new column where you can add User Names. This change was also added to the User Preferences tab in Add-on Administration. What does this mean? You can sort and filter by User Name. If you ever wanted more clarity about someone’s identity, you can now see exactly who has been given certain permissions, such as license allocation.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Although previous versions of SAP Business One allowed users the ability to integrate with Microsoft OneDrive with an add-on, the capabilities were limited. The latest update allows you to use Microsoft Office 365 without needing any extras.

What does this mean exactly? You can now open certain layouts, reports, and grid results in Excel and Word without additional steps. SAP B1 v.10 also gives you more flexibility with template management. Plus, SAP Business One 10.0 will export any reports and documents directly to OneDrive.

Printing Contracts and Service Calls

Aside from the advantage of clear Microsoft Office integration, more options have been added to print a wide range of SAP B1 documents. Have you ever wanted to print calls and service contracts but were dismayed when you couldn’t? Now, you can save time by printing service calls and contracts easily, so you can distribute them.

The process is easy, too. Convert the documents to PDF and send them to the printer.

Project Management: Interactive Gantt Charts

Another new feature will make project management more interactive. Project windows can be extended, and you can move around within the chart. Furthermore, Gantt charts were given special attention. Now, the phases of projects can be moved, shortened and extended in the chart. You can also add fields to show the start and finish date.

The end result of this update is visually appealing Gantt charts that can be updated throughout the entire project.

Looking to Implement SAP Business One?

Whether you are already using SAP Business One or have been looking to implement the ERP system for a while, version 10 makes it much more worthwhile. The recent updates have further streamlined an already innovative system, helping you automate processes like never before.

Is version 10 of SAP B1 for your SME? Let’s find out. WiSys is ready to help new and existing customers with upgrading their business to the next best version. Our team will have SAP Business One 10.0 up and running in no time. Give us a call today.