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Agility Web Explorer is the new browser-based technology from WiSys. This new tool takes our popular Agility Explorer grids to the internet and extends the functionality of WiSys, and Macola, to any device.

Agility Web Explorer is built on the same adaptable framework that we’ve used for years with our Agility Design Studio solution. If you have used Design Studio to build desktop components, the Web Explorer environment will look very familiar. With Agility Web Explorer you will have the option to publish Design Studio components to the desktop or the web.

See how to get started using Agility Web Explorer in the video below. We cover how to:

  • Create a web project
  • Add a new component
  • Create a grid
  • Add fields
  • Create a layout
  • View project updates in real-time

Want to see more? Watch the full Agility Web Explorer webinar!